Just The Babysitter (A Big Time Rush Love Story)

Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and James all fall for the same girl. The same girl who happens to be Katie's babysitter. Enjoy! ^.^

Chapter 1

Caite: Part I

by: The_Raven
As my hired car pulls into the large parking lot of Palm Springs, I can't help but to smile at the limosuines and sports cars that fill the spaces. A bunch of celebrity wannabes, I assume.

"We're here Miss Caite." The raspy voice of Niles sounds. I nod as he looks into the rearview mirror to have some sort of eye contact with me.

He pulls the keys from the ignition and opens his door. After stepping out, Niles brushes off his Calvin Klein suit. He opens my door and escorts me to the trunk, where my suitcases are.

"Miss Caite." Niles says whilst pulling out three matching luggage pieces. One being a duffel bag, the other a roll-along, and the last a regular suitcase. Each was matching, white with purple and pink polka dots. I feel they just make the world happier.

"Thanks so very much!" I kiss his cheek. "See you on telivision." He says with a thick British accent and a wink. He's always recognized my dream to be an actress. I've known Niles since preschool, when he helped me fix my Tiffany bracelet. I thought it broke when the clasp undid itself, and I broke out crying onstage. He helped me and my parents hired him as my nanny. Yes. A male nanny.

"Farewell Caite." He whispered as I walked off to the entrance with my bags. People sat in the lobby chairs and I noticed a chubby man with glasses at the front desk. I dragged myself and my bags over.

"Um. Hi. I made reservations here." I said to him quietly. He glanced at me and smiled sheepishly. A bit creepy if you ask me.

"Yes. Caite D'Amour. You will be in room 6B. I'll have somebody take your bags up." He handed me a room key and I set my bags down and reached for it.

"That's quite alright. I'll manage." I smile and take the key. I hold on and struggle to drag my bags to the elevator, but try. Once out of sight, I dropp everything and lean against the elevator doors.

I hear a ding and the doors open quickly. I gasp and land on someones foot. They help me up.
"Oh. Hi." I smile, blushing. He's quite handsome and has a sweet smile.

"Hey. I'm Kendall. You are?" He asks, guiding me out of the elevator and helping with my bags.

"I'm Caite. Kinda new here." I blush again. "Oh, I can show you around. As soon as you get settled in your room of course." Kendall says.

"Oh sure. Say at 3." I suggest, being its 11 am. He nods and waves, whilst walking off. Well that was interesting.

I click the button on the elevator and go up to my room.
It takes about an hour to put all of my things into drawers of the modern room. I text my mothers old college friend, Kelly.

Me: Hey. Just got here. Meet you at the studio?
Kelly: No, already here. I have some people I want you to meet.
Me: Kk, I'm settled in so meet me at room 6B
Kelly: Alrighty then. Open the door.

That was fast. I walk to the door and swing open the door. There stands Kelly, a plump man with sunglasses, three boys, and Kendall.

"Hi Kelly!" I hug her and invite everyone in. My room has a very small kitchen, full bathroom, and modern looking bed. I also have a stunning view.

"This is Gustavo." She points to the man. He forces a smile and talks.
"And these are the dogs." He says firmly. I giggle softly.

"Well I'm Caite. And hi again Kendall!" I smile at all of them and step to the side so they can walk in.

"Dude. You know her? She's wow!" One with a helmet whispers to Kendall. I only grin and escort them to loveseat and sofa.

They all sit and Kelly speaks.
"So Caite. I couldn't book you any auditions yet, so I'm afraid your well..." She looks down.
Gustavo cracks his knuckles.
"Unable to pay for this room." He finishes for her.

I look down. What am I gonna do? This is the place of oppurtunity, but I can't be homeless.
"She can stay with us!" The cute one suggests. "I'm James by the way."

I force a smile. "Not an option. Sorry boys." I laugh quietly.
"I'm Carlos!" The helmet one pipes in. "And I'm Logan." The othr says. What a very talkative group of people.

"I will find something. Don't worry."

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