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Chapter 1

Caution: Rant Ahead

by: MrsRadke
Disclaimer: This rant does not specify to one person, or any select people. This applies to everyone who has ever done/ is doing these things that I'm about to list. it's not meant to offend anyone by any means, and I'm sorry if you are anyways.


Okay, so I'd just liek to start off by saying what this little rant will be about. It's about how that a lot of Quibblo used to be, is gone.

You Quibblonians who've been here for more than a year know exactly what I'm talking about. Everything has changed.
Now I'm not talking about Quibblo the website (like adding new formats and features and stuff), no. I'm talking about the people on here, and the quality of stuff.
So first off, I'd like to say that people need to stop posting stupid stuff as stories or question (etc.) on here! Yeah, sure, go ahead and post something if you need help or want to talk with someone to get some things out, but stop posting stupid crap like:
Whoaaaaaa! I just watched my cat climb a treeee!!!!
OMG, guess what? Me and my boyfriend just made out for 20 whole freaking minutes! How awesome right?!
Well lemme tell you, no. It's not awesome. No one gives a damn about that kinda stuff! Please... When I come on Quibblo and want to answer some questions or read some stories, I wasn't exactly planning on watching that cat video you posted on YouTube, or give you advice on how to kiss better. That's what Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are for hun. So get on an actual social networking site if you wanna post every second of your life! Dang....
And by the way, I'm not just saying that these are the only scenarios that I've seen, I'm just using those as examples because I see them a lot.
Keep your personal life, personal.
Alright, moving on to part two....

Do any of you guys remember the good ol' days of Quibblo when people just used to make quizzes for fun, and everyone was really nice and supportive of them? What the heck happened to that! Now everyone seems to be bullying someone else, and putting people down. It's not right, and it's certainly not acceptable. Quibblo is meant to be a fun site where you can take quizzes, make friends, write stories, and talk to people. Not somewhere where people are scared to log in in fear of being bullied.... Not cool guys....

Part three, comin' at 'cha......

People! Stop complaining when your inbox is clogged! That's one of the dumb things that I should've used as an example in 'part one'. People complain about this all the time, especially when they have a lot of people on their friends list. Well you know what? You shouldn't have friended/accepted all of those friend requests in the first place! If you have a lot of friends, you should already expect to have a ton of messages too. I don't care whether you have 10, 100, or even 1000! It's not our faults! Stop wasting time by creating a 'question' or a 'story' to tell everyone, suck it up, and just clear out the freaking inbox! Geez!
And don't tell others not to send any more messages, because do you think that if we have a new quiz to send out, and you tell us not to send you any more messages, that we're really gonna go through the list just to uncheck your name? No!

Part four, heading your way.....

Don't send a thousand invites to take one quiz. One is enough for everyone.....

Okay, that's pretty much all I had to say. So please, take what I have to say into consideration, and don't make me have to write a part two.
I love Quibblo, and most of the people in it. As I'm sure that all Quibblonians do. Please, don't ruin that for anyone.

Love, Ivana xoxox

(P.S: I know that I probably just irritated/offended like 75% of Quibblonians, but in case you didn't read the top, this isn't what that was meant for. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and hopefully you agree with me. If you don't that totally fine too, you're entitled to your opinions. Just don't go all ape on me if you're mad though. It ain't my fault..... Oh, and by the way, comment!)


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