The Last Thing I...

Hey guys! I really need your help! I know some of you don't like story/quiz invites, so sorry about this, but I really need your help. I have this school project called: the last thing I... What everyone in my class is suppose to do is make a list of: the last things I... And get as many people to answer as possible. You ask family, friends, etc. So please help me out with my project, and answer! Thanks guys! I love you!

Chapter 1

The Last Thing I...

1. The last thing I ate was________
2. The last thing I drank was_______
3. The last movie I watches was________
4. The last time I went shopping was_______
5. The last homework assignment I finished was________
6. The last song or album I bought on iTunes, or at a store was________
7. The last time I went to school was________
8. The last place I went on vacation was________
9. The last song I listened to was_________
10. The last time I got asked out was_________

Thank you guys! Please write your answers below in the comment box. :)
*note: no ones username or name or anything personal will be on the project. I just need a ton of people to answer the questions. I JUST write down what the answers were, and nothing else. It's supposed to be for variety in different teen's lives or something... I dont know... Dont ask me. Ask my teacher. Haha. But dont worry. Nothing about you will go on the project. JUST YOUR ANSWERS. Thanks again :)


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