Part of Me (One direction)

Part of Me (One direction)

Hello Beautiful People! Emma_Horan_, MrsHarryStyles_ and blue_eyed_babygirl21 are writing this story! Its call part of me, because of Emma_Horan_ characters story, Cassie! MrsHarryStyles_ pass it on to blue_eyed_babygirl21 after. It is now a group story!

Chapter 1

Characters and Part Of Me

Name: Cassie Johston (Emma_Horan_)
Age: 17
Past: Had a hard life, not many friends, has no dad, mum goes away alot. Has 2 younger brothers (8 twins) and 2 younger sisters (16 also twins)
Personality: Loves music, always stays positive, loud, loves to laugh, hungry
Crush: Niall Horan (not straight away!)

Name: Maria Teresa Hernandez (MrsHarryStyles_)
Age: 17
Past: Was best friends with Harry since 2nd grande when she moved next door to him from the US. Lives with both parents, 1 brother and 1 sister. Has been bullied since 5th grade.
Looks: Long reddish-brownish curly hair, big amber colored eyes, hour glass figure
Personality: Funny, random, crazy in a silly way, nosy, intelligent, talkative, caring, lazy, senseitive, easy to make life, slow when it comes to common sense
Crush: Harry Styles

Character: Charlotte Tomlinson (blue_eyed_babygirl21)
Nicknames: Char, Lottie
Family: Parents and older brother Louis
Personality: Quiet at first, but then very outgoing and crazy, funny, stubborn, messy
Likes: Dancing, listening to music, hanging out with friends, sunny days
Dislikes: Conceited people, liars, rain and storms
Crush: Zayn Malik

######Cassie's POV######
"He says he wants to marry me and stuff Lottie, but then I see him in there chatting up this other girl! What do I do?" I said biting my nails.
"Show him you are, hes not got control of your life!" She replied
"Yeah I'm going to do that! I'll call you back!" I got out my car. I walked in to the shop.
"What do you think your doing! I trusted you Mike! How could you do this?!"
"Cassie, Baby, listen!"
"No Mike I'm done taking your cra p! You can have this back!" I said taking off his promise ring "Coz ya know this is a part of me that your never going to take away from me! Goodbye Mike!" I walked out in to my car. I got in and slammed my door. I rang Lottie, she picked up after 2 rings.
"Lottie ready to do something crazy and spontanious?" I asked
"Well pack your bags were moving to London, call your brother ask if there are any good flats near him! I'll call you back in half an hour?" I drove home. "MUM! Me and Lottie are moving to London is that ok?"
"Yes darling but you have to come back a least once a month to look after the kids!" I ran to my room and heard my sisters scream. "What is it?"
"Our hair dye" May started
"Its gone wrong!" Juliet finished. God they are sooo annoying.
"No its gone right! Your dying it pink right?"
"Yes!" They said
"Its ment to turn red! It will dry pink! I'm going to miss you!"
"What" (J)
"Why!" (M)
"Where!" (Both of them!)
"Me and Lottie are moving to London! Your going to come visit with the boys?"
"YES!" They practically yelled at me. They jumped on me for a hug. Suprisingly I hugged back. "We are going to miss you Cas!"
"You too! I'm going to pack!" I stopped hugging them. I grabbed my suitcase and starting chucking everything in. I carefully picked up the picture of me, Lottie, Louis and Jeni. A tear fell down my cheek. Jeni was our bestfriend. We went to the beach one day and well, lets just say the current got the better of her. I brushed it of and put it in my suitcase. I put on my iPhone and played Katy Perry Part of me on. Its how I feel about Mike. I started singing everyone says I can sing, but I disagree.

I finished packing, said goodbye to mum, Jake and Josh, May and Juliet and put the suitcase in my car. I went to Lottie house and picked her up.
"Found a house?" I asked.
"Yeah, except if we need to keep up the rent we need a roomie!" She said
"I got it!" We drove down to London. We played our music aand sang. "Now look at me i'm sparkerling!" I started and Lottie stopped. "A firework, a dancing flame, you will never put me out again, I'm glowing oh woah. So you can keep the dimond rings, you tell me nothing anyway, in fact you can keep everything, yeah, yeah except for me!!" I sang. She just sat there. "Erm Lotts you ok?"
"Are you sure you aren't realated to Louie?" I began laughing. "What you really can sing!"
"Yeah and your going to live on the moon!"
"It could happen!" She smiled.
"Come on were here!" I ran out the car. "I call biggest bedroom!"
"NO LOTTIE PROTESTS!!" She yelled.
"To bad!" I said jumping on the bed. "I just landed on the bed! Its offical! Now I'm going to get my suitcases!" I ran back outside and saw a curly haired girl, she had a suitcase, suddenly an idea came in to my head. "Hey excuse me!" I yelled.
"Yes?" She yelled back. I ran over to her. And considering I was in my bare feet and the London streetes weren't made for bare feet it hurt! "Do you have a place to stay?"
"No, I moved here to see my friend but he has not room in his house!" She laughed.
"Well it may sound strange as I just met you and don't even know your name, would you like to move in with me and my friend. We live just there!" I said pointing at the house.
"Really?" I nodded, she squealed and hugged me! "Thank you!! I'm Maria Teresa Hernandez!"
"I'm Cassie Johnston, pleasure to meet you! By the way I've called the biggest bedroom!"

Emma's chapter finished, take it away MrsHarryStyles_!!!

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