You Are So Unforgettable. (Harry Styles Love Story.)

My friend is really excited for this. I really shouldn't be doing this. But... Awkward photos give inspiration.. 'Specially when one is your iPod lock screen... c:
Soooooooooo. Like. Yer. Titles will be song lyrics, cause I can, yeeeeeeeeahh.
Kara Shean.
Sister: Elyse (Ee-Lease) Shean Older
Parents: Joey (Mum) No father.
Brown hair, blue eyes, ladedadedaaaaaaaaaa.

It's set during Harry's, "Awkward" stage. A.K.A 14 years old. xD

Chapter 1

I Hope it's Gonna Make You Notice, Someone Like Me.

"HARRY STYLES YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" I yelled chasing after my best friend since nappies. He grabbed my Starbucks and ran off. I ran after him, kicking my flip flops off. The feeling of the sand between my toes was wonderful. It was the annual Styles and Shean Summer Vacation. We decided to go to the beach this time.
"NEVER!" He yelled, laughing. I stopped and sat in the sand, crossing my arms over my chest. I was in my cover up, my damp swimsuit under it. My wet hair falling down my shoulders. Harry turned around, his eyebrow raised, challenging me. I held my ground, rooted to the spot.
"HARRY! KARA! TIME FOR DINNER!" Anne yelled to us. Harry started running back. I held my arms out for him to help me up. He pulled me up and handed me my Starbucks after taking a drink.
"Ewww. Harry cooties." I said, crinkling my nose. He laughed and shook his head.
"Always the joker." I jumped on his back and he held onto my thighs, holding me up.
"Forever." I grinned. Taking a sip of the frapp., as he started walking back toward's everyone. The sun had started setting and the water looked pretty. He set me down in my chair.
"Thank you, kind sir." I said, nodding politely. He laughed.
"You're welcome, m'lady."
"N'eaaawwwww." Elyse said, sitting on my lap. "You two are just so adorable." I flicked her ear.
"Shove off." I mumbled.
"I love you, KaKa!" She said, grinning. She knew I hated that name. Harry laughed, trying to cover it with a cough.
"Don't call me that, EyEy." I said, mimicking her tone when I said her nickname from our young age. She is a year and a half older than me. She stuck her tounge out and went to sit with Gemma. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a cheeseburger that Mr. Styles set out.
"Thank you, Robin." I said, smiling.
"No problem, Sweetheart." He said, ruffling my hair. I sat back down and took a huge bite out of it.
"Someone's hungry." My mum said.
"Yesh I ahm." I said, mouth full.
"Manners, Kara!" She yelled. I swallowed.
"Sorry Mum." Harry laughed. I threw a pickle at him and it stuck to his cheek. It was my turn to laugh as he took it off his cheek and threw it at me. I caught it in my mouth, grinning.
"Show off!" Gemma yelled. I nodded, chewing. Everyone laughed. My dog, Peanut came waddling over. I picked him up and set him in my lap. I gave him a small chunk of my bread before shoving more in my mouth; not caring about getting cheese on my cheeks.
"Seriously. You are such a slob." Elyse said.
"At least I don't pass gas like a dog." I said. Everyone laughed and Elyse flicked my ear. I laughed harder.
"Mum! Are we going to light fireworks tonight?" Harry asked.
"We have sparklers and those smoke things. Better start now! The sun is getting smaller!" I threw my plate in the trash bag and ran inside to get the fireworks. I ran back out and set them in the middle of the circle.

Almost everyone was finished. I dug out the smoke things and tossed a few to Harry, Gemma, and Elyse. I tossed them each a lighter and skipped a few feet down. I tied a few of the things together and lit them all at once. The smoke flew up and I sat a fair distance back; watching them. We lit all the smoke bombs at once, the colors mixing and swirling together. It was finally getting dark enough that stars were starting to show. I sat back in my chair and watched the sky. I heard the first 'boom' and looked up. The first firework went up. Everyone took their seats. Harry moved his chair up next to mine.
"Amazing, isn't it?" He asked.
"Very. I love fireworks."
"More than anything. They're like.... I don't know. There is just something about them.. The colors, maybe. I don't know I just find them awesome." He laughed.
"More than me?" He asked.
"Definitely." I joked. He pouted. I laughed and took his beanie off his head.
"Heyyyyyy!" He said. I put the beanie over my hair. "I want my beanie baacckkk!" Harry said.
"No, no, no. I get to wear it." I said; putting my hands on the beanie so he didn't take it.
"Fine." He said, shaking his hair out. I continues watching the fireworks.

"C'Mon guys! Bed time! Big day tomorrow!" My Mum yelled.
"What's tomorrow?" I said, walking back over to everyone.
"Beach volleyball, football, and swimming! Rest up!"
"But, I'm not even knackered!" I said, fixing the beanie that was still on my head.
"Kara. It's almost 1. Just go to bed." Elyse said.
"Fine." I said. I grabbed my blanket, wrapping it around myself. Harry and I walked back to the house.
"When do I get my beanie back?"
"I don't know. I like it. Keeps my hair controlled."
"Yes. because your hair needs controlling." He laughed. I shrugged and walked to my room.
"See you in the morning." I said, closing my door behind me. I grabbed my iPod and put it on my dock. Keeping the volume low enough it wouldn't be heard elsewhere. I changed into my pajama's, took a quick shower, then plopped onto my bed; quickly falling asleep.

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