One Direction Imagines!

One Direction Imagines!

This is just a small set of imagines! I'm sure you all know what that is, but for those who don't: Imagines are very brief descriptions of something you wish would be true or something cute that you thought of. Of course these will be 1D imagines that I will add as I find or think of cuter ones! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Imagine: Harry Styles #1

by: Stylinson
You've been waiting in line at a One Direction signing for over an hour and you are finally at the top. You see Harry and ask for a picture.
You: "Can I kiss you on the cheek?"
Harry: "Sure!"
Just as you lean in to kiss his cheek while your friend takes the picture, he turns his head and kisses you on the lips!

(A/N: I did not come up with this one! I will say when I did, but I will get a lot of We Heart It and such! Some will be short and some long! Hope you enjoy!)

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