The Story of Scarlett and Raquan MB Love story

The Story of Scarlett and Raquan MB Love story

Chapter 1

Miserable :/

~ Recess ~

I sat at the jungle gym sad and Lonely. I was picked on very Badly, had no one to talk to, and never had attention. For the Day everyone been talk bout some 'new kid' , But I haven't cared much 'cause I thought he was gon' be another jerk to me like everyone else. Someone Milk chocolate with long braids sat next to me . I caught a limps of him from the corner of my eye. He didn't look familiar. He said " Are you also a new kid? "
I answered " Nope, Been here since Pre-K... "
He mumbled " Do you mind showing me around? "
"Yeah, Why not? But first, What's your name? "
" Raquan, Ray if you want, and Ray Ray if you nasty. "
"Nasty? " I questioned
" Yeup Like freaky."
He winked at me and It took me 25 seconds to realize what he meant.
I said loudly " Oh! I'm slow! "
We started to walk around as I named the Kids in our Grade "Jakob, Nike, Lola, Brandy, Kalli , Temperance... (Ect) "
I toured him around the school. I thought maybe, Just maybe he was alittle cute! He said " So, can you introduce me to some of your friends? " He slighly smiled.
I felt embarrassed but I said "I don't have any. People are probably shocked that you're talking to me." I let out a soft sighed. He used his two fingers to lift my chin up gently "Look girl, I don't even Know your name but I'll be your Friend and Never leave your side."
I blushed Rapidly "Yeah, My name's Scarlett! and Okay Raquan I'm willing to give our friendship a try." I smiled
"Do you get Bullied or Just no one likes you."
"What do the Bullies call you? I'm just asking."
"Pathetic-Loser, Nerd, Fat, and Ugly. Worst things than that! "
"Oh I'm sorry. Let me tell you something, You're not Fat, You're skinner than me and You're extremely beautiful." He looked in my eyes real deep. I could get lost in his Dark Brown eyes but then The School bell rung and that meant it was time to go in!

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