read this everyone

this hate on quibblo has to stop right now

Chapter 1


since i can no longer trust anyone on this website i am considering deleting.
most of the people who i thought i could trust and that were good friends of mine on here have turned against me and have said some very horrible stuff to me and about me,
including talking behind my back, yeah i've seen the sneaky comments your posting on eachothers pages about me,
you know who you are, i thought we were friends and that i could trust you but i can't not anymore.

my girlfriend now ex broke up with me because she doesn't want to have any contact with anyone who is famous and you have no idea how hard that is, Millie has been my best friend since we were 3 years old and yesterday we stopped being friends for good because of all this drama,
i cant believe you betrayed me like this,

and just so you know iJustinBieber was not a fake.
i know he wasn't a fake,

i can't be on here any more,
you have upset two of the most important people in the world to me,

and you've also hurt me to.


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