Don't You Leave Me Broken Hearted Tonight (A One Direction Love Story)

Hey guys I haven't been on in forever, but this is a new story I hope you all like it. I'm seriously not sure how this story is going to end yet, so we'll see.

Kristina Garrett: 17/ light, straight brown hair to her mid-back/ green eyes/ 5'8"

Alli Stone: 17/ dark, straight brown hair about an inch past the shoulders with caramel highlights/ green eyes/ 5'6"

Chapter 1

My Irrational Phobia of Elevators

"Kristina! We made it, I can't believe this!" I exclaimed as me and my best friend entered the doors to the record company we were recently signed to.
"I know Alli, this is probably the most exciting day of my life!" she exclaimed. Kristina and I were a new duet act that had recently been signed to Columbia Records in New York. We were discovered during a star search in our hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and were immediately asked to record a demo CD. After that, we received the call from Columbia, and there we were about to walk into our first session of song writing.
"Hi, you must be Alli & Kristina, right?" asked a tall dark-skinned woman who greeted us in the lobby entrance. We simply nodded with wide grins and waited for her response. "My name’s Mia Taggert, I'll be your manager while you're with Columbia Records. Well I bet you're both excited to get to work so let's go."
We followed Mia to the elevator and spent what seemed forever in that death machine. Elevator Phobia. We stepped out on one of the top floors and made our way into an empty studio lounge where Kristina and I were supposed to toss song ideas around. Were we going to begin with a fun up-beat song to get our name out there, or a slow song to pull at the heart strings? We literally had no idea. What. So. Ever.
"Okay Kristina, how does this sound. This is more than a typical kinda thing. Felt the jolt in my bones where you were touching me, oh oh. Didn't wanna take it slow," I sang at an up beat tempo while tapping out a beat on a nearby coffee table. Kristina nodded, pondered for a bit, and then replied with.
" In a daze, going crazed, I can barely think. You're replaying in my brain find it hard to sleep, oh oh. Waiting for my phone to blow ."
We worked out a bit more of the song, including the chorus and another verse, but I felt like it needed a certain Junoseque (sp?). Something that would get all the listeners hooked.
"Kristina, how about a rap to segway into the chorus?" I asked finally getting an idea.
"Well you know I can't rap to save my life. Figure it out, Oh Powerful Creative One," joked my best friend. You know, sometimes I love that girl, but other times, I really want to throw her out a second story window. I grabbed the notepad with the rest of our song on it and soon enough I had a small, but catchy rap.
" Now I'm here in a sticky situation. Got a little trouble, yep, and now I'm pacing. Five minutes, ten minutes, now it's been an hour. Don't wanna think to hard but I'm sour . How does that sound? It's a good enough segway and since we couldn't come up with a good bridge, we can just add another rap part," I suggested. Kristina nodded vigorously like a three year old after you give them one of those giant Pixie Stix. You know what I'm talking about? After another fifteen minutes of collaboration we were able to go to the actual studio and run a rough cut, but Mia insisted that we first go down the street to grab a small bite to eat. We had spent most of the morning writing and didn't refuse her suggestion. We gathered our bags and tablets and headed down the hallway to the elevator. We had pressed the button for the ground floor of the building when a British voice called out, "Wait!" Kristina put her hand between the doors, holding the metal death machine for the now five boys running down the hallway. As they got closer, I realized whom they were. One Direction was about to ride the elevator with Kristina and me. I, personally, was a huge fan of 1D's work; Kristina on the other hand never really caught "One Direction Infection".
"Thanks mates. Are you guys new here?" asked Harry Styles, the first member to step into the elevator. Kristina noticed that I was a tad star struck at the moment so she took over.
"Uh, yeah. I'm Kristina Garrett and this is my best friend Alli Stone. We won a star search contest and they apparently thought we were really talented." As Kristina finished the introduction, the rest of the boys stepped onto the elevator and introduced themselves one-by-one.
"So where are you girls off to?" asked Niall, brushing his messy blonde hair out of his face as the elevator jerked downwards. Kristina had to inconspicuously elbow me in the side so I could talk.
"Oh, um. We were just headed to get a bite to eat ... " I muttered off, but then Kristina gave me a simple look and I knew exactly what my best friend was thinking, "Um, well do yinz guys want to come too?"
"Uh, yeah sure. That's what we were headed to do anyways. Wait. Yinz?" asked Louis, laughing at my accent. Yeah, surrounded by a group of British/Irish boys, but I was the one with the accent.
"It's a Pittsburgh thing, don't worry about it," giggled Kristina. The elevator finally stopped on the bottom floor and we all exited. Me lucky I hadn't died. Stupid irrational phobias. Kristina and I followed the boys out of the door and to a local coffee shop, because we had no idea how to get anywhere except to our hotel and the studio. We sat down in a large booth after ordering our food and drinks.
"So what did yinz do this morning?" asked Harry, playfully mocking me. Kristina and I just laughed at how ridiculous the word sounded with his accent.
"Well, mates, Kristina and I wrote a song and are recording after lunch," I retorted in my best British accent and got an approving laugh from all the boys and Kristina.
"What's it sound like?" asked Zayn, who hadn't talked until now, which caused Kristina and I both to turn our heads. I responded because I had now become comfortable around these boys.
"It's real up-beat and fun. If we hurry back, you can hear us sing it acapella before yinz get back to your studio." And with that, everyone bustled out the door, back to the studio. We headed back up to our floor and filed into the studio lounge before Mia could beckon us into the actual studio. We began singing our individual parts and I saw all the boys crack smiles and glance at each other when I broke out into a rap. After we finished, they told us that we were really talented and that they all loved the song, especially the rap.
"Hey what hotel are you guys staying at?" asked Harry.
"Uh, The Chatwal," replied Kristina with a confused tone.
"Us too! You guys should come over after recording so we can hang out and stuff. I mean if we are signed to same studio we should be friends at least," stated Harry with a cute smile. Then we all exchanged numbers and Kristina and I began to record a rough cut of what would be called "Broken Hearted". After a few hours of figuring out how the studio worked, that Kristina and I should never touch the red buttons in the sound booth, and singing a rough cut, Mia called us out of the studio for the day.
"Great work today girls! Okay, for tomorrow we are going to spend the morning working on your image, what you want to be called, personal styles, etc. and then during the afternoon, we are going to work on the beats for your song," she began and all Kristina and I could do was nod enthusiastically, "So make sure you're hear by nine o'clock tomorrow morning."
My best friend and I grabbed our belongings and made our way towards the elevator, but I stopped about fifteen feet from it.
"Uh Kristina, can we take the stairs down? You know how much I hate elevators," I asked sounding a lot like a three year old girl who wanted their dad to check for monsters under her bed. She just laughed and we proceeded down multiple flights of stairs. When we reached the ground floor, Kristina smiled at me and asked, "So which boy do you like?"
"Which British heartthrob do you like?" she asked adding an emphasis on every word.
"I just met them girly, but if I had to pick, it'd be between Niall and Zayn. What about you, Casanova?" I asked giggling.
"I think Harry's aesthetically pleasing," she stated and then skipped off to the studio car that would take us back to the hotel.

A/N: Okay so if you haven't figured it out, this is a One Direction story. I do not own the song in this story, it is "Broken Hearted" by Karmin and all rights go to their respective owners. Well if you like this story so far, let me know and I'll continue. But if you hate it, well I'll probably still continue it. So let me know oh and if you're bored check out my profile on
My penname on that site is HarryPotterIs4EverAlive
Hope you like the story!


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