USUK Adventurers: A Trip to Mars

My best friend and I love Hetalia. Her favorite charter is America and mine is England. So, one day when I was at her house. We went to the park and came up with this story. I did not make all of this story up. Half credit to my friend.


Chapter 2

A trip to Mars

After a long time of arguing on who would drive, they finally decided that America would drive to Mars and England would drive back home to earth. It turns out, America was really good a piloting the ship. There was only one thing he wasn't as gifted in. Landing. The two countries had to learn that the hard way though. After they crashed on Marses face, it was clear that the space ship would not survive another flight.
"I told you I should of driven! Now were stranded on this big red wasteland!" England yelled. "Sorry." America said "We should go find some shelter."
America found a cozy spot and stuck an American flag in it.
"Hey, I was here first!" England yelled.
He tore the American flag out of the ground and stuck a British flag in the ground.
"Dude, I was here first!" America protested.
He tore out the British flag and stuck his back in.
After a little while though, they decide to share Mars and set up camp.
The next day Tony paid the countries a surprise visit. (This is ware the story gets really strange.)
"Hey America. Hey Fudge Limy." Tony said "I have something to tell you guys." "You can tell me anything man or I mean sister." America replied.
"I'm not Tony, I'm RUSSIA!" Tony said while ripping off her skin.
Sure enough Russia was there, scarf and everything. Then Russia began forming in to hundreds of tiny Russians. They were surrounded by purple fire and were hissing demonic things like "Become one" Die" and "Kill".
"We probably should run." America suggested. "Agreed." acknowledged England.
America and England climbed a big bolder to escape the rabid Russians. (lol that sounded races but, it wasn't.)
"What the bloody hell are we supposed to do!" England screamed.
Then the sky lit up. Canada and his bear were on a cloud singing. The song basically stated how to kill the mini Russians. Canada was about to finish his song but, a meteor crashed into him so the bear took over the song. Really all you have to do is sing the Hetalia March and steep on them. The two countries were about to do that but, to their horror. The Russians transformed into GERMANYS! These crazy Germans were chanting Co Co clocks Co Co clocks over and over. Then the Germans formed into one of every Hetalia charter, including America and England.
Not wanting to see any thing ells too strange America and England started doing what Canada and his bear told them to do.
"Draw a circle there's the earth X 3 I'm Hetalia! Ah! A fabulous world that can be seen with one stroke of a paint brush. Let's all toast with our big rubber boots. Hetalia! "
After all the mini countries were flatted, America and England ran to the ship and fixed it good enough to survive one more trip. After they ditched the egg and more arguing on who will drive back home they blasted off. Next stop, Earth!

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