USUK Adventurers: A Trip to Mars

My best friend and I love Hetalia. Her favorite charter is America and mine is England. So, one day when I was at her house. We went to the park and came up with this story. I did not make all of this story up. Half credit to my friend.


Chapter 1

Tonys' Egg

It was an average day for America. He start his day off with a nice breakfast of burgers, like always. Then, he got dressed and went to see his best buddy/pet alien, Tony. To Americas' surprise, Tony was cradling a yellow egg.
"Awesome dude! Your a Daddy now! Let's go show the other counties!" America told Tony.
First America went to show England.
"Look! England! Tony laid an egg!" America said. "That's Wonderful!" England said. "But wouldn't that make Tony a girl if he laid that egg?" England exclaimed.
Americas face darkened. He drifted over to the nearest tree and repeatedly bumped his head on the tree.
"Everything I know in life is a lie!" America sobbed. "Uh...Don't fret. What plant is Tony from?" England asked. "Mars I think. He doesn't like to talk about his plant much." America answered. "Well lets go to Mars and find more about Tonys' species!" England said cheerfully.
"I see you found out my secret." a familiar voice called.
It was Tony and he or I mean she had what looked like car keys in her hand.
"Please take my egg back to my planet. I can not care for it on earth." Tony said. "Here are the keys to my ship.' Tony said while tossing the keys to America. "Now it is your duty to keep the egg safe. That goes for you too, Fudge Limey." Tony explained. " He said duty!" America snickered.

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