please read, especially Strawberry_

Chapter 1

.... i really do not think the triplets committed suicide,
nothing adds up, on the story 'the note' which their brother posted,
it says something about 'Justin i know you deleted'
when actually Justin deleted afterwards!
tell me how that works out?, you can't because it doesn't!

Strawberry_ i'm sorry i automatically blamed you, i know how mean they were being to you, i just assumed because they are like 11 that they would do that,

i have seen the things they have said and i am disgusted to have believed them.

i'm so sorry if i've hurt your feelings strawberry_

now can everyone stop all of the hating,
Quibblo is for quizzes and making friends, not for bullying and hurting.
if everyone reading this stops then Quibblo will become a much better place again.


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