If I told you Selena was going to make a Quibblo would you believe me?

No of course you wouldn't! But I'm still going to tell you.

Chapter 1

No of course you wouldn't.

So because this whole fiasco has clearly taken a whole new level. Selena is thinking about making a Quibblo. One in which she can settle this matter because I obviously do a horrible job and Justin is too big of a celebrity. The only problem is she does not want any hate or people throwing words filled with venom saying she's fake. Oh I know how hard this is to believe. If I was in your shoes I would NOT believe a second of this. The ONLY reason she's coming is to settle this. People self-harming and committing suicide is NOT okay AT ALL. I can't promise she'll stay but if you give me your opinions this will either persuade her or make her not make one. I know most of you will be skeptical I would be too but right now things have a taken a highly dramatic and dangerous turn...


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