Lost Love

A girl named Sakura tries her best to go through her year at hogwarts with out any distractions.... to bad she just met Austin.

Chapter 1

Meeting you.

by: Amy_chii
A dark haired girl wandered the forest aimlessly. She was a first year. It seemed obvious, rarely anyone went into the Forbidden forest... the girl continued to walk, her mind had been off someplace else.

The young girl snapped out off her stupor when she heard a twig snap.
"Who's there?!" she asked frightfully.

Austin was watching the girl go in the forest.He was a thrid year Gryffindor and was one of the Gryffindor's Quidditch team beater. His blonde hair fell gently into his grey eyes. He blew it out quickly so he could keep watching the girl.

He followed quietly, but accidentally stepped on a twig. The girl called out to see who was there. He kept quiet wondering if the girl would see him.

"Show yourself!" she repeated, her rare blue eyes glistened with fright.
she took her sleeve and brought out a wand.

Austin let out a little laugh as she pulled out her wand. As if she can beat me!, he thought. He still kept concealed from behind the tree.

The girl heard a quiet laugh and walked towards a tree, wand pointing towards it, "Show yourself!" she said again.

"You don't have to repeat it so many times", he said, stepping out from behind the tree. "Put your wand away, even with it you won't do any harm". He said, waving away the wand.

The girl glared at the boy, "how would you know?!" Turning away she said "and, why were you following me?" Her eyes narrowed. "youre not a stalker... are you?" she accused, wand still in her hands.

"No, but you do know students can't go in the forest, right?" he said, smirking. "Besides, I didn't want you to be eaten by a werewolf."

"Arrogant *sshole" she muttered, "I knew that!" she said crossing her arms.

"For a small girl you whisper very loud", he said, smirking even more. "Ok, so sure. Why are you out here anyway?"

She glared hard, "none of your business, sshole..."

"Actually, I can tell my older brother who's a prefect" he said, glaring back. He then pulled out his wand from his robe and pointed it at her.

"Wow... why cant handle a 'little girl' all on your own?" she said, pulling out her wand as well, pointing it at the blonde boy "and wipe that smirk off your face!"

"Of course I can" he said, annoyed. "Incarcerous" Ropes bound around her.

She struggled to get out, "Ughh!!". She looked at the moon, she had to get out.

"Why are you in a struggle?" he said, smiling. "Need to go somewhere?"

Her eyes widened. Cr
p! , she thought, He cant find out! "N-no" she stuttered.

"Ok, then you dont mind staying here overnight do you?" he said, waiting for her response.

She tried to look for an excuse to leave but it was too late, the moon had risen fully. Her black hair turned into a light silver and her eyes turned a startling electric blue. A blue crecent moon appeared on her forhead. "dmn" she cursed. looking at the boy.

"Why are you so worried?" he asked, smirking. "Got a date?"

"N-No!" She squirmed again, "Let me go!"

"Why should I?" he asked, looking at her. "Tell me."

She looked around trying to find a way to distract him, "I-um... have to go back to the dorms!" she said, taking a small switchblade from her sleeve.

"Accio!" he shouted, making the switchblade come to him. He got it and pocketed it. "That's not an excuse, I won't tell anyone."

She growled, "How sure can I be?" she asked, looking back at him. "And how did you see my switchblade?" she said, trying to squirm out of the tight grip, only to make tighten

"It was nothing..." he said, nervously. He didn't want her to find out his secret. "I wouldn't squirm to much, it will only tighten more."

"Then let me go!" she yelled, "I have to go to the lake!" she blurted, she had to tell him. The crescent moon on her forehead glowed, making her whimper in pain, "Please..."

"Fine..." he said, reluctantly. "I have to go, too." He didn't want to tell her he was half-vampire and a metamorphagi.

Once she was released, she ran to the nearest lake and jumped in. It was not good for her kind to linger too long without cold water. Especially during mating season. She thought back to the boy, and wondered if she was to see him again.

Austin watched as the girl ran away and jumped into the lake. He took out the switchblade from his pocket. He wondered if he would see the girl again to return it to her. He found a tree and climbed it. He carved a flat spot and layed down. He liked to sleep there and look at the sky.

As soon as she was done she changed into a black and blue battle yukata. She walked back to the spot from where she was, searching for her glasses and switchblade.

Austin saw the girl looking for something. Well, might as well give her it now, he thought. He slid down and walked over to her. "Hey, you forgot this." he said, handing over the switchblade.

She took it, and bowed her head, "Thank you... May I know your name?" she asked, looking at him with her blue eyes. She was still in her demon form.

"Austin, Austin Wood." he said, holdin out his hand. "And you are?"

"Sakura, Sakura Mckinley." she replied, taking his hand. "Please don't tell anyone about...this," she said, indicating her demon side.

"Fine." he said, smiling. "L tell you my secret I'm half-vampire and a metamorphagi." He started to changing his hair color to red, green, blue, purple and then back to blonde.

Sakura giggled as his hair changed, "So you can look different in anyway you want?!" she stayed silent for a few seconds, "That is so... COOL!!!"

"Yeah, we'll its not so cool when people make fun of you for it." he said, frowning. "Kids would laugh at me and tease me, I hated it."

"Well don't worry about them!" she said, smiling. "You're not alone. I was too. But i showed them!" she said, giving him a grin. Her small fangs showed.

"Yeah, but because of what I am, I have no friends." he said, sitting down at the edge of the and putting barefoot feet into the lake."

Sakura frowned at that, "You seem so nice though!" She sat by him, pulling her knees to her chest.

"Thanks, but where I grew up, it didn't matter if you were nice." he sai, shivering as looked back at the memories. "It only mattered if you were different."

"Oh..." was the only thing that came out of her mouth. She stood up and dusted her yukata. Few seconds later she felt dizzy, "Oh no..." she stumbled, loosing her balance.

He stood up and helped her stand still. "Let's take you to the Hospital Wing, Maram Pomfret can fix you up there." he said, leading her there. "Oh no, they can't know we were up, and outside? We would be expelled, for sure!"

She shook her head, "D-dont!" she tried to stand up, only to fall again. "Apparate back to your dorm, I'll try to on mine... "

"Just come with me or do you want me to apparatus in your common?" he asked her, picking her up and carrying her.

"I'm a Slytherin... and you're a Gryffindor... We aren't supposed to associate..." she whispered, blushing. "Aren't I a bit heavy??"

"Not a bit." he said, putting her down. "So your that kind of person who thinks Gryffindors can't be friends with Slytherins, huh?"

A young 1st year came out from behind a tree and panicked yelling, "Stupify!" and hits the blonde boy. "Oh cr
p im so sorry!" he yelled, "but you cant hurt a girl!" he motioning towards Sakura.

Austin dodged it quickly, "Wow, I wasn't even going to hurt her, dummy!" he yelled at him. "Petrificus Totalus!" he said, aiming at the new boy.

Sakura was about to answer when a blast erupted, "Guys! Stop!!" she called. She pulled on Austin's sleeve, "Please let him go? I will talk with him!"

"Fine, but only because you said so." he said, then muttered the countercurse. "I might teach the little brat a lesson later." He cracked his knuckles and then went back to the forest and into the tree he was in earlier.

"Austin..." she looked back to the boy, "Who are you?!" she demanded, her eyes turning a deadly shade of red. She shook her head, "Whatever," she left the boy standing there before leaving to follow Austin.

Austin sat there looking at the stars. He looked over at them and saw Sakura walking over to him. He slid down the tree. He walked over to her.

"So what happened? Who was that kid?" he said, he honestly didn't like it when the younger kids tryed to curse him. "And you didn't answer my question from before!"

She winced at the sound of his tone, "S-sorry..." she whispered. Sakura's lip quivered, "He didn't answer me at all... And it's not that..." Tears were filling her eyes.

"I'm sorry." he said, apologetically. He tried o sound a little more calmer. He hated to see her wince at him. He looked into her eyes. He was mad, but hoped he didn't show it. "So how do you know that boy?"

Sakura's tears spilled over, "Your still mad though..." she said, looking into his eyes. "I didn't know him," she whispered."Or at least i don't remember."

Austin crossed his arms, "Do you know what place he was talking about?" he asked, looking over at the boy.

She shook her head, and wiped the tears away. "No. Not at all..." she paused for a moment, "Who was he?" she thought aloud.

"Should we go ask him?" he asked, leaning against a tree. He checking his watch. It was almost five o'clock in the morning. He started to get nervous, he didn't want to be caught. "Don't you think we should hear back soon?"

She looked at the sky, before nodding, avoiding the subject of the unknown boy. "Yeah... "

"Well, shall we go?" Austin said, offering a hand. He didn't want to bring up the subject of the younger boy. He kind of had a feeking Sakura was lying to him about the boy, but didn't say anything.

"Sure..." Sakura took his hand, before going back to where he saw the 'unknown' boy. That idiot!, She thought walking back to the school, He almost blew my cover!

Austin led her inside. He felt she was lying to him and wanted to find out the truth."So are you sure you don't know that boy? And be honest!" he said, stepping in a classroom. He beckoned her inside.

Sakura felt guilty, she wanted to tell him, but she couldn't. She didn't want him to treat her any different. "I'm sorry..." she said, walking up to him, and kissed his cheek. She whispered one last thing to his ear: "Obliviate..."
And with that she left the room.


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