Said and Done

Okay I'm over this "war". The whole point was to figure out if the fake was well fake and we obviously know he is. Now people are just creating more drama. We should all just drop this.

Chapter 1

Over it

The kid who was posing as Justin Bieber is gone. He deleted. He's not here. You people are just creating more drama and dramatizing things. Some of you are saying I'm fake others are defending me. Either way, we're all carrying it one. Millie said she DM'd my "cousin" Austin but if she's talking about Austin McBroom than he's NOT my cousin. Plus this is coming from the girl who said the poser was real. I'm over this. I really don't care if you send me hate or whether you believe me or not. I've had it sent to me before and I can survive it. Millie will most likely photoshop something but whatever. I think we should all move on. We're ruining Quibblo. The way I see it is we should all just leave each other alone before we create more drama.


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