please read :'(

Please read, this is very important to my friends and everyone.

Chapter 1


Now first thing I have to say is
I hope your happy with yourselves.

Justin deleted.
He wasn't fake okay, he deleted because you guys didn't believe him.
He did actually take a video to post and say he has quibblo but he didn't post it because of the hate.

Not only did you make Justin delete and upset him,
You have ruined my life and dreams,
Earlier today I called up my manager and told him I am quitting the label,
I can't deal with the haters,
The words hurt so bad,

I've always wanted to be a musician and I was so excited when I got signed last year,
Music has always been my life and I can't imagine being here without it.

But I can't deal with people hating on me so I decided to quit.

I am sorry to the people I hurt because I quit.
Caitlin, I know you wanted me to do what made me happy and quitting is what makes me happy.

Christian and I are also fighting because of this.

You haters have no idea how much pain you have caused.

If I didn't have my family I wouldn't be alive right now.

Last night I admit I did self harm again, it was the first time since last August or something.

I am also very close to quitting Quibblo for good.

I hope your happy.

You have ruined everything.

Over the next few weeks if I stop logging on you know what I did...

I'm sorry.


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