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I want to make sure all of this is correct since this is for school. I made this all a website. I would give you the site address but the school doesn't allow it. Please read over it and tell me if there are any mistakes or if I should add anything!

Computers have been around for over 70 years. The very first one was made for only math, and now computers are made to do millions of different things. Some famous brands like Apple, Microsoft, and IBM were growing better over the years.

Some computers used to be small boxes with lights and switches. Others had no screen at all. Some had bad graphics and were the size of a room. Now, computer inventors gave us small computers to carry around, amazing graphics, clear screens, and great keyboards.

At first, computers were only used for math because many people needed a lot of help with adding big numbers, since abacuses were only for small numbers. During the Great Britain and Germany war, the very first computer was invented in the year 1943. It helped many of them a lot. Computers were getting more popular and other brands started making them. The Colossus computer was the first electronic computer. It became very popular since it can read secret codes. ENIAC computers were the size of a house and was fast for solving complicated math problems. It took 30 seconds to solve versus taking 12 hours without the computer. UNIVAC was the size of a bedroom and had many lights, plugs, and switches. It can do many jobs one being to count the number of people who lived in the United States.

In 1964, the first mouse was made by Douglas Engelbert. He called it a mouse because the wire looked like a tail and it was small. PC’s (personal computers) were made in 1975. It was called Altair 8800. It had no screen or keyboard. Later on, PCs were created with a screen and keyboard. They can only do one job. Most played games. Some did math. Bill Gates and Paul Allen started making Microsoft programs for the new PCs. The programs told computers what to do. In 1969, inventors wanted a way to let a computer work with another computer in a different place. The government created a plan to connect computers.

They called it the Internet.

In 1976, Apple was the first PC that had a mouse attached. It was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Laptops were made in 1980 for people to carry around where ever they go. It was the first computer to travel into space.. By 1986, the Internet was getting more and more popular but the Internet wasn't as easy to use as it was now. Inventors wanted to make it easier so in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee made it a bit easier. He made a program called the World Wide Web (aka www). WWW was a quick, easy way to send words and numbers through the Internet

In 1993, a handheld computer was made. It was called the PDA (personal digital assistant). Many people used it for work. Computers were used to make movies like Toy Story, in 1995 the movie came out and it was all computer generated. Sony came out with Vaio PC in 1996. In the year 2000, EA released The Sims, the bestselling PC game.. Inventors had an idea of sending radio and TV shows onto the www. The called it a podcast. In 2002, Apple released the iMac. The shipments of PCs worldwide were 46.6-48 million. A very popular downloadable PC game, Minecraft, was created in2009. Apple created the iPad, a PC on-the-go in 2010.

Throughout the years, computers improved. ENIVAC was the size of a house and now laptops are at least 15 inches. Computers used to only be able to do one thing but now PCs can do millions of different things. Computers are a very important part to technology. Many people use computers for their jobs, work, or just for fun. Computers are important to the world of technology.

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