"JUSTIN" DELETED!!! Your welcome?

Hate on me all you want. Your welcome.

Chapter 1

He Deleted!

by: The_Raven
Jasmine Villegas who has an account on here happens to be friends with Justin Bieber. She asked him about his Quibblo account and he had no idea what she was talking about. All you "Haters" (I don't think so) were right! I was too!
When I read her story saying Justin would file a lawsuit if this poser didn't delete, I messaged him telling him to stop lying and to delete or he would be sued.
Like less than 30 minutes later, maybe more, I find out he deleted. So thank JasmineV and maybe me (Jk) but seriously.
This means a lot of other accounts were fake and owe a lot of us apologies. I'm pretty sure milliebeadlesx is fake because she wouldn't keep a posers secret if she were actually JB's cousin and I'm sure many other accounts as well. Any users involved with these lies:
(The one that is supposedly Christian Beadles)
We all know you lied. Oh and um to those of you who hated on the "haters" we were right. So if any more hate is sent by either side, imma be pissedoff.
We all owe eachother apologies and what not. So I just wanted to inform all ya.

If you hate on me or JasmineV, I will personally dedicate a story about how pissed I am at you. And that's not a threat. Its a promise. If somebody hates on you because of JB, lemme know and I will do the samee thing. But I will ask for both sides of the story from both people.



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