Tell Me Why!

Why are people like this?

Chapter 1


Hey. I have a question. Why are people so mean!? Why are the cyberbullying? Can't they understand that it's hurting others? Some lie about there family members commiting cuicide because of a Quibblo user that didn't do anything! Then they start cussing out people. Then thay act like brats and say they're going to delete for sympathy. When does it stop!? When does all this stuff stop!? Why can't people see that they can hurt others by what they say and do?! Why is everyone being so mean! I'm tired of people saying there going to delete because of someone else! They don't understand that deleting can hurt the peopl who care about you on Quibblo! Why don't they understand? This isn't a game. You're hurting others. Some are to tbe point where they're read to commit cuicide. I don't know if that triplet or whatever that commited cuicide is the real deal, but if it isn't, then why lie? To get sympathy? Is that it?
Someone, anyone, please explain to me why people are such jerks! I need an answer! I can't take it anymore!


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