Cyberbullying...I should hope you read this, but whatev

This is a repost I received on wattpad, but I added some stuff to it and figured it would be a good thing to post on here.

Chapter 1

Think Before You Act

Okay so the cyber bullying on wattpad has to stop. Every time someone gets bullied a life is lost. Kids are killing themselves. If you are against cyber bullying then copy and paste to and sent this message to all of your fans. Help me stop cyber bullying.

that was a repost ^^^

I wanna add this to it though:
The cyber bullying doesn't JUST need to be stopped on wattpad, but on other sites too...including Quibblo. There has been so much drama on there lately I'm debating deleting (don't freak out I'd never leave you guys, just been annoyed with this place lately) or just leaving for a long time. Now if you don't have a quibblo let me put it to you this way. It is a fun fun fun ADDICTIVE quizzing/story making/friend making site that i have been on for a year now well over a year and I love it very very very very very very very VERRRRY much, so debating delete because of all the bullying is intense. So, let's stop bullying elsewhere. Don't JUST post this to wattpad, but to quibblo and other sites you have an account on...



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