A Question That Stays In Your Mind

A Question That Stays In Your Mind

Out of all this saddness I'm still trying to find my happy place. One of a kind. I didn't think it could change till' now, or has it always been the same? This is a question that stays in my mind.

Chapter 1

A Day

Lizzie's POV

Hi. I'm 13. I have long curly black hair and green eyes. Dispiese me much? Or like me much? Hard question eh'. I live in Florida, and have a beach house. A dog named Squiggles and an adopted loggerhead sea turtle named Shelly. It's summer today, no wait I can't tell. I live in sunshine state and am black as night. Now you can hate me. I have a best friend named Summer. Yes I did say Summer. Her name fits my state, wait till' you hear how she looks. She has strait long blonde hair and blue eyes. Same size as me. 4'2. We are tottaly diffrent but best freinds. The dolphins in the ocean is praticly my best friends to. They have a new baby named Kula. He is so cute. Ok let me stop talking about happy things and move over to dark concepts.

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