Upset & Pissed Off

My brother sucks........... bleh

Chapter 1

:'( Sad Face

by: The_Raven
Well my brother and I are very close in age. I'm 11, he's 13. I'm in 6th grade, he's in 7th. We are both in the same school.

So here's the dilemma... my brother and his best friend, Austin are horrible to me. They exclude me and only let me participate in whatever if it benifits them.

Well, I know most of my brothers friends and they always friend request me on facebook. Of course, I accept.

So his arguement is that I don't "really know them" and that I stalk them. Really? Cause I don't talk to any of them. Except the ones that are my neighbors of course.

When I see them in the hallway, I'm all like "Hiii :D" but I don't further the conversation, nor do I stalk them.

So my brother, Austin, and a bunch of 7th graders are going to the rinks tonight to ice skate. I asked if I could come and they're like "Nooo."

I asked why and they said because I don't know their friends. And my brother was saying how I stalk them and what not and it was confusing and what not.

So I left them and walked back to my house. So here I am. Locked out of the house and sitting on my bench allooooonne. With my phone of course!

My friend, Amanda isn't answering my calls and this is turning into the worst spring break everrr in history of my life.

I just wanna walk to the park and go in the woods right now. Hell. I so should but I don't wanna go by myself aand nobodys around so it seems like everyone has a life but me.



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