Group Story?-- Please read if you want to write a story with me

Chapter 1

Thanks for actually opening this story

All right, so I know that I have many stories that I am already writing, but I have an idea for a story and I need at least two people to cowrite with me.

There are two types of people. The Wanted and the Unwanted. The two cities are separated by a large metal wall. The Wanted is made up of perfect people. People with no flaws and perfect genes. On the other side are the Unwanted, the ones who have problems, no matter if it is genes or personality. Even though the Unwanted are poor and barely able to feed themselves, the Wanted has a corrupt society. One day, two friends are taken from the group of five teenagers. They are brought to the Wanted, which has never been done before. Worried about their friends, the other three friends work together to throw out the government and bring forth an equal one.

What do y'all think? Any writers want to join? If you do, here are the guidelines:

What is their flaw?:

Here is my character:
Name: Jacob McDougal
Age: 18
Personality: He is one of the Excluded (the Wanted who become Unwanted). He is nice to all the Unwanted, but hates the overpowerful government in the Wanted.
Appearance: Perfect brown hair, perfect shade of blue-green, and perfect body. However, he gave himself a tattoo the sign of a musical note on the side of his shoulder blade.
What is their flaw?: the tattoo
Background: He was raised as the President's son, so he was supposed to be perfect in all ways. However, he thought that the President had too much rule and gave out too much unfair laws to the people. He rebelled by giving himself a tattoo, a small musical note. The president had no choice, but had to kick out his own son.
Other: He is going to be the guy with the ideas of how to get into the Wanted and also knows his way around the city.

Another note:
If you haven't heard about my story contest, please join. There are only two people doing it so far. So please?

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