He's Got My Heart Moonwalking

He's Got My Heart Moonwalking

Hey everybody! :D Obviously, this is a Michael Jackson love story. And just so you know, you've probably seen this same title on a different MJ story, but just so you know, I didn't steal the title. This title was mine originally, and I can prove it. I'll put the link to the proof in the author's note at the end of the story. Actually, this title was taken from me and I don't know why...

Anyways, rate, comment, favorite, and enjoii :)

Chapter 1

Information, Introduction, & Prolouge

by: MrsRadke
Name: Elizabeth Nicole McCartney
Age: 19 (Born May 9, 1965)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Medium brown, wavy, chest length
Body: Somewhat curvy, but still slim
Personality: Sweet, down-to-earth, caring, loveable, wild when she wants to be, musical, curious about everything, nice, sensitive underneath her tough facade
Other physical attributes: Piercings- Twice in both ears, nose, naval. Tattoo- Music notes on right shoulder, Aerosmith logo on lower back, and tye-dye peace sign on right hip
(The chapter picture is Eliza. But if you're wondering, it's actually Hillary Duff)

Name: Anya Davenport
Age: 22
Hair: Black/Brown, wavy, down to her waist
Eyes: Brown

Anya is Eliza's best friend, and also, the only person that Eliza trusts. Anya and Eliza met one day at a poetry cafe. Eliza was sitting alone, so Anya decided to go and sit with her. And so began the eternal sisterhood....


The main character Elizabeth, (though everyone calls her Eliza,) is the daughter of Paul McCartney. She had always been closer with her father rather than her mother, Sarah, but she didn't get to see her dad very often, with him always being on tour and what not. Though once her mother passed away, she had to move in with her father, which she wasn't too upset about. Although she was glad about moving in with him, she also went into somewhat of a depression because of her mother's untimely death. She was still the same person inside (nice, sweet, caring, helpful, etc.) But on the outside, her appearence changed drastically. She began rebelling against everything society considered 'normal'. She tattoed her body multiple times, pierced her body, and to top it all off, she started drinking. Since her father wasn't around her most of the time, she was pretty much alone. No one was there to see what she was doing, so she turned to alcohol to cope with everything she was going through. Soon, she met another girl who was the same as her when she used to be 'innocent', but now, is the complete opposite. They quickly become attatched to each other, and end up being best friends, nearly sisters, in less that three months. (By the way, her name is Anya). So Anya helps her get back on track with her life, so she does end up quitting her terrible habit of drinking, so she turns to music instead. She becomes somewhat of a singer, but doesn't exactly make it to the top of the charts. It keeps her happy, and out of trouble though.
The only trouble in her life is that everywhere she goes, she feels as if she needs to hide everything about herself, because society isn't accepting of the way Eliza is quite yet. She even hides her new life from her dad. The only person who knows the real her is Anya; she is also the only person that Eliza trusts fully.
As a teenager, she had many bad experiences with guys, so she doesn't trust any of them. Sometimes she thinks about turning to girls, but she never actually does, in fear of soiety coming down on her so negatively, that she'd do something drastic just to get away from it all. So when people ask, she tells them that she's asexuaI. Even though there are many men who lust after her, and she could have any one of them that she wants, though she doesn't want any of them. She keeps to herself mostly about things like that, only telling Anya her thoughts on life.


Elizabeth McCartney.

Before even meeting her, you already think you know who she is.

The bubbly, happy, and adorable daughter of Paul McCartney.

Like I said, you only think you know who she is.

Would you be surprised if I told you that she is the exact opposite of that?

She is the nitty-gritty, deep, and secretive person that no parent wants their daughter hanging around, in fear of her being a bad influence.

This poor, misjudged girl isn't any of those things.

The real her is just hiding, frightened that people will bring only more ridicule and torment into her already miserable life.

Though she believes that no one is to be trusted, and that everyone isn't who they say they are, she, in fact, is the one of the most secretive and discreet people to ever walk the planet.

She believes her soul is there, though it is lost.

She will not let anyone in long enough to revive it.

Anya tries, but fails when Eliza is nearly at the breaking point.

Is all hope for Elizabeth lost?

Will someone ever bring her back?

Where there's a will, there's a way.

........ Hopefully.

A/N: Okay, so, remember how I said up in the description, that there would be proof that this title was taken FROM me? Well, here it is. Check chapter 17, of this story, and then check page 5 of the comments. Near the bottom, there will be a comment saying the title, and also, check the date so you know I'm not lying. Here's the link:


You don't have to check it, but this is just to prove that I'm not lying. Because you can't edit comments, so there....
But also, I have one more piece of proof. You know how you can't edit quizzes, surveys, or POLLS after twenty minutes? Well yeah, a couple months ago, I sent out a poll asking what I should name the sequel, and He's Got My Heart Moonwalking was one of the choices. I wasn't expecting anyone to steal it, so I didn't feel the need to put a disclaimer. But I guess I was wrong. Anyways, this is my proof that it is MINE, and NO ONE elses!


Check it out if you want to. I'm just trying to be sure that I won't get any hate mail about this.

Okay, please rate and comment! Let me know whether I should continue or not! Even though I'm going to either way, cuz this, yet again, is for Keke >:) Lol)

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