Harry Potter group story

For Love_Of_Legalos Hope it's ok. It's only short but...

Chapter 1

Sample chap. Willow's POV

I was sat with Fleur waiting for her to respond to my question. "Eh bien ......?" She just smiled. "Pourquoi dois-je pris la peine?" I sighed. Fleur turned to me smirking. "Pourquoi ne pas vous mettre votre nom dans? C'est votre anniversaire aujourd'hui." She sounded so smart.
"Parce que je ne vais pas a bien faire si je fais entrer en." I shook my head auburn flowing down my back. "Willow...." Fleur whined I sighed. Giving in.
"Tres bien!Je vais le faire mais quand votre nom est appele, Ne me blamez pas pour disant que je vous l'ai dit." I turned away grabbed a bit of parchment and wrote my name with a flourish. " Heureux maintenant?" Fleur smiled and nodded.
"Oui." She turned her head, her lovely blond hair swinging around her shoulders. To talk to another student I rolled my eyes and picked up my book.
Five minutes later we stood and walked into the school, for dinner. We passed the goblet, we stopped and laughed at two boys with long beards. Fleur pushed me I twirled gracefully into the line I felt all the eyes on me laughing I jumped and sat on the air thanks to a lovely little spell I found. That helps us of the slightly annoying 4ft 11". Falling gracefully to the ground I landed and walked off towards my friends.
"Voir Willow. Il n'etait pas si mal etait-ce?"I growled my eyes flashing dangerously. "Vous avez de la chance je t'aime." Was all I said as I walked into the great hall.
Fleur followed as she knew I couldn't stay mad at her for long. "Willow Desole! Je ne voulais pas vous vexer! Ne soyez pas fou!" I rolled my eyes and sat down to eat. "Je ne suis pas folle!"


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