LaPush Comes Alive (A Jacob Black Love Story)

LaPush Comes Alive (A Jacob Black Love Story)

Amber is an ordinanary teenager, until her Mom moves her to live with her Dad, Charlie Swan. She is startled, when she has to share a room, with her newfound sister, Bella. Bella introduces her to a sexy guy, who she falls in love with.

Chapter 1

Leaving Home

"Mom, I don't want to go! I haven't seen dad in a while and I don't think I should start now. Why? Why do I have to go?" Amber said to her mother. "Because, he wants to see you, and I want you have a good relationship with your Dad. He also wants to introduce you to someone." said Amber's Mom. "Is that somebody so important that I can't meet her over video chat?" "First of all, it's a him, second of all, I think you'll want to meet him." said Amber's Mom, pulling a picture out of her wallet and showing it to Amber. Amber ran up the stairs and started throwing clothes into a suitcase. "Wait! What are you doing, Amber? Slow down, you'll fall!" screamed Amber's Mom up the stairs. "Packing, I want to meet him as soon as possible!" Amber screamed down the stairs. "I hate to break it to you, but your plane doesn't leave until the end of the week. Sorry, for getting your hopes up, but I thought you would hate the idea of going, and wanted to give you some time to mull it over." "Otherwise known as, wanted to give me some time to suck it up and deal with it?" "You bet, sometimes, Amber, you can be such a drama queen." Amber stopped packing and slumped down the stairs.
It was Friday, the day that Amber was leaving for LaPush to meet the mystery guy and her father. Amber was sitting beside her Mother in the airport waiting anxiously for her flight to be called. A few minutes later, the intercom announced "Flight 997 has arrived. Repeat. Flight 997 has arrived. Next flight leaves in 15 minutes. Those riding Flight 997, please make your way towards the plane within the next few minutes. Thank you!" Amber jumped up and grabbed her stuff, then waited patiently for her mother to stand up. " Amber, please be safe and don't talk to strangers. Your father will be waiting for you at the other airport. Can you repeat what I said?" "Yes Mom, you said please be safe, and don't talk to strangers. Dad will be waiting for me at the other airport. Can I go now?" "Good, and yeah, you may go now, but give me a hug first. Oh, and you have to call me when you get there and every day after. I love you." "I love you too, Mom. Call you when I get there, bye!" She ran towards the door, and gave her ticket to the lady before the door, and in a moment she was out of the sight of her mother.

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