If You Don't Want Me To Delete............

Read or don't. If you read then I love you. You get virtual cookies.

Chapter 1


So as some of you may know, I've had some trouble with the supposedly real "Justin Bieber" here on Quibblo.
He told me to go to hell and that I was a bully because I confronted him in a respectful message saying I believed he was fake.
I still do. Nothing adds up. Plus, he wouldn't advertise family troubles. Paparazzi would be all over that. Nor would he say something like that to me.
So after seeing beliebers and other fans crushed and in a war between whether he is real or not, I got upset.
I'm probably deleting because of this. Now the following is important:
If you don't want me to delete, comment and tell me why. If I get at least 20 people to convince me it isn't worth it- yes I need that many people, then I won't delete.
My lovely friends- you have until Saturday.



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