Chapter 1


the next persom who sends hate to anyone, even if its someone who is defending me, im sorry but you will be blocked, to much people have been hurt because of this,
including one of my closest friends and family members now just stop,

yes i made a joke with Dessa, and no it wasn't funny but you didnt have to hate on anyone.

and i mahave played a game with my cousin on here, but thats what families do, Millie doesnt deserve to be getting the hate shes getting, shes just a KID

and yeah i got angry at people but you try getting
"your fake" "are you real" all day by everyone who messages you and try be happy,

now everybody please just stop this has all gone to far.

i am not fake and nothin anyone can say will make me fake,
now if you dont believe me then ask nicely for me to prove or elsego away and do not speak to me.

i told everyone i would prove later because i've been busy today like everyday but no one could wait a few hours and they becan to bully.

i really do not like bullies and i never want ot become one and i admit it today i have told people to "go to hell" and "get lost" and things because i'm angry at you, but everyone gets angry.

the reason i have not mentioned my Quibblo on twitter is because i made Quibblo to be a normal teenager and to talk to some of my fans,
as soon as i mention Quibblo on twitter i will need to delete because i'll get to much messages.

i made this to be nice and talk to you guys and i'm not gonnaforce you to believe me, thats your choice just remember i offered to prove.


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