eeeek! contest. Bieber war!

my url;


Chapter 1

please help

There is this war between me and Jbieber going on and i need help to win it,
i need everyone who sees this to post my url as question or story or something to all there friends and get them to add me and same with Justin

and the first one out of me and Justin to get 100 friends wins
(not like to a hundred i mean ex; i have 186 friends by the time i get 100 friends i would be at 286) and as for the people who send our urls out will also get there url sent out and also a comment of why everyone should add you.

i think this is a great way to make friends and also get more people to take your quizzes and read your stories.

*comment below if your in :D
oh and tell me a little about your self
such as what things you like and what storys and quizzes you make
that could help get you more friends. *

this is pretty important the one who looses is the other ones slave for year,
i can't be his slave he smells!
thank youu


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