Deadly night in camp

These are three friends who went to a night in camp, and got lost; the camp is haunted by deadly animals. However they settled there for two days, and when they wanted to go back home, they saw that their car was not working, and the tires were flatten. Somebody have did this to not let them go home, now they are lost in this camp. They have to find their way out. The characters are Josh-19 yr., Britney--18 yr. Josh's sister. Kyle,--18 yr. Josh’s best friend who has crush on Britney.

Chapter 1


It was night, Britney, Josh, and Kyle made a campfire. They were all sitting in a circle around the campfire, each disappointed.
“I can't stand staying in here,” Josh grunted. “we have to find our way out.
"Not with that car," kyle said. "We need to fix it before my mom gets worried, i told her i will stay for 2 days, and this is already the second day."
"We'll fix it," Josh suggested cracking his fist. "It just need some punches and it will work."
“Whats all the worries, we'll fix it tomorrow,” Britney mumbled, trying to warm herself with the fire. she was getting Drowsy. “I feel sleepy.”
Kyle suddenly made a smirk.
“you can sleep on my lap,” he teased.
“You wish,” Britney joked, but even though it was right, there was no place to sleep, unless she wanted to curl herself on the ground. “Fine then i will use your lap as a pillow, but not think of doing anything stupid.”
“your welcome,” Kyle muttered, preparing his lap for her. Britney nudged, sitting down, and resting her head on his lap. As soon as Britney put her head down, she felt warm. Kyle moved some of her hair with his fingers.
Josh suddenly rolled his eyes, he hates when his sister and Kyle get all romantic and got up. He looked like he didn’t enjoy the scene.
The place was dark and foggy, and he was starting to get sleepy.
“HOOOOOOOOOOO,” suddenly came a howling from behind them. Josh suddenly paused, and Britney sat up.
“What was that noise,” she said with frighten.
“Probably some dog howling,” Kyle said trying not to think of something else. “Just go back to sleep.” He wanted to finish his entertainment.
Britney shrugged and went back to sleep. She was cold squeezing herself to feel warmth. Suddenly Kyle took his jacket off and wrapped it around her.
“thanks for that,” she said pulling the jacket all over her.
Josh ignored that Hooooooooooooo noise and turned around to walk away. As he was about to make a step, this time came a RAWWWWAAAAR that made them alarmed. The voice was sinister and evil, and it made them have goosebumps.
Kyle gulped, and Britney terrifyingly sat up. She from frighten hugged Kyle.
“I am scared,” she cried. “I don’t want to sleep alone today.”
“SHHHHHHH,” suddenly Josh hissed. He grabbed a stick off the ground and lighted it with fire from the camp fire they made. he then signaled for Britney and Kyle to follow him. Kyle got up, pulling Britney up, who was squeezing herself inside Kyle’s jacket. They were walking in the dark conscious to make a noise, with Josh leading, Kyle following josh, and Britney holding Kyle’s hands, imagining a monster to appear from nowhere and gnash her by a seconds.
Josh was using his stick that he lighted as a candle to see where he was going.
“RAAAWWWAR,” suddenly the voice came again, and this time louder, that made Britney yell.
“SHUSH,” Josh insisted grouchily. “the voice is coming from here, follow me.”
They walked toward the trees, trying to find the direction of the noise.
Suddenly they heard footsteps, and Josh pulled Kyle down and gazed out of the bushes. They huddled together, eager to see who would it be. Suddenly to their frighten, huge footsteps approached, blood dripping from their teeth, and two eyes shining.
“wolves,” they all said at once. That was the last thing to appear to them in camp, scary wolfs.
"OH CRAP," Josh hesitated.
“We better run,” Kyle yelled, looking at their bloody teeth. “They are going to eat us.”
“No,” Josh yelled pulling him back. “if we run they are going to spot us. We need to settle here quietly till they leave.”
“that’s terrible.” Britney staggered. “I knew a night in camp was not a great idea.”
“It wasn’t my idea,” Kyle suggested frowning, pointing at Josh. “it was his.”.
“it was your idea,” Josh protested back. “remember when you told me when we were chatting at my yahoo email.”
They suddenly started arguing.
“guys lower your voices this is not the right time for arguing,” Britney said anxiously. "The wolves are going to hear us.”
Josh and Kyle settled down, she was right.
Suddenly to their shock, other wolves approached. Now It was getting more dangerous. Each wolf spread in the woods looking for something to eat. They were violent and dangerous.
Josh pressed his hands against his sister so she can feel safe. Kyle heart was beating fast.
Josh, Kyle, and Britney were hiding in the bushes, trying not to make a noise.
Suddenly to the Josh and Britney's fright, Kyle was about to sneeze.
“oh no,” Britney thought, but it was too late by then. At a moment a loud sneeze came. The wolves suddenly paused, looking at the nearest tree they were at.
They suddenly got from the bushes and started running. The wolves heard they're foot steps and started running after them.
“IDIOT,” Josh yelled giving a fist. “DID YOU HAVE TO SNEEZE.”
“my bad,” Kyle yelled back. “couldn’t help it.”
“now see, the wolves have found us,” Josh grouchily shouted.
“guys, Britney cried looking behind them. “we don’t have time to argue, the wolves are right behind us.”
They all were running as fast as they could. Britney was the slowest, because she was wearing her Sandals. She was right behind them running.
“Britney,” Kyle yelled. “Hurry up.”
“I can’t,” she yelled. “I am wearing Sandals.”
“Just take off your damn sandals SIS,” Josh yelled.
“I can’t run without them,” she yelled back. She couldn’t help running with no shoes, she was going to stomp on mud, stab her foot, and she thought other things that might happen if she took them off.
“running without shoes will be better than being eaten by those pack of wolves,” Josh yelled trying to catch his breath.
Britney suddenly let go off her sandals, and held them in her hands. She felt herself running faster and more quicker. She ran pass kyle and was now running with Josh.

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