Falling in Love with an Emo that Kidnapped Me...

This is a story about a girl who gets kidnapped and ends up falling in love with him (explained in the title lol)! Not really a new plot, but I LOVE this kind of story (IDK why) and I can't find many like this. So. Here we are. :D

Hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter 6

His Answer

He sat silent for the longest time. Finally, with a sigh, he said, "I kidnapped you because... you were the cutest thing I had ever, EVER, seen. And I knew I had to talk to you somehow. I panicked. And I've been planning to get you ever since, well, you saw, you were ten." He blushed as he was saying this, and it took all my will power to not think about how amazingly attractive he was. I blushed as well - he called ME cute! But I shook this thought out. Suddenly I thought about how crazy he was: not just for kidnapping me, but he thought that I would like him back if he did? My face must have mirrored my thoughts, because he said, "I know I'm crazy. 'Kay? It sounded good to a stupid and deeply affected 13 year old. And since I had gotten no farther when I turned 19, I finally put it into action." I felt a strange mixture of emotions then - anger, shock, sadness and finally pity. For him. I didn't know why. But I still had questions that wanted answering, so I spoke.

"Do you live in this mansion alone?"
"Yeah. My dad left it to me, and I was an only child. My mom died at birth. But I have butlers and stuff that live here, so I'm not completely alone."
WOW. How rich was this guy?
"Do I have a bedroom?" I asked. He nodded, and told me I had my own personal living space - a whole wing of the house.
"The room you woke up in," he said, "is your room; there's a master bathroom, too, and a walk-in closet, and even your own kitchen." My own kitchen! I loved to cook. You could say it was my passion. My face lit up, and he smiled. I was gonna smile back, but then I realized who he was; and I was sad again. He seemed to notice, and looked like he was gonna say something, but he didn't.

After a while of awkward silence, he said, "Do you want to explore the rest of the house by yourself, or with a butler?" I thought about how I didn't want to go downstairs by myself, so I chose with a butler. He nodded, got off the bed, and pushed a button on the wall. All of a sudden I heard a loud (what sounded like) a bell, and the door swung open, revealing a kind-looking elderly man with a soft smile. "You called, sir?" he asked. Gerard said, "Yeah. I'd like you to take Elaine around the house, if it's not to much, George?" I was surprised at how nice he was to the butler. "Of course, sir," George said, and turned to me. "Come on then," he said, smiling.

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