Falling in Love with an Emo that Kidnapped Me...

This is a story about a girl who gets kidnapped and ends up falling in love with him (explained in the title lol)! Not really a new plot, but I LOVE this kind of story (IDK why) and I can't find many like this. So. Here we are. :D

Hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter 3

Finding Out

Suddenly the door opened, and, without a sound, in walked a figure. I couldn't tell the gender, no matter how hard I strained to see. But, I tried to not make it obvious, either, that I was staring at it, and tried to pretend I was still asleep (or drugged). Then I heard, "I know you're awake," but it was in the faintest whisper, so that I still could not tell if it was male or female. Fear struck me, though - it could see me? I walked over and sat right next to me on the bed. My heart was racing, and I was praying it would not touch me. But, my prayers were not answered, and the figure actually picked me up in a baby position and carried me into the light of the hallway. The brightness blinded me for a moment, but then I saw the face of my captor... a man. Or, rather, teenager? He was most definitely under 25, and he looked like Andy Sixx, without any piercings. And yes, I had a MAJOR crush on Andy, so... but I shook those thoughts out of my mind. This man laid me down on a suede couch, in another huge room with a huge plasma screen TV completely covering the wall; other random accessories were in the room, with sunlight pouring in from the skylight. He was wearing a My Chemical Romance t-shirt, and skinny jeans. He looked at me with make-up covered piercing green eyes, and said in a rich, deep voice, "Did you like your hair?" I stared back at him and didn't answer, like I had seen many victims do in various cop-shows, who then came to harm by their captor who exploded in anger. I was seriously too afraid to answer! And, besides, this guy didn't look like the type that would act out in anger. But, of course, they never do.
But he didn't explode in anger. In fact, he untied me, un-gagged me, and as he did so, he introduced himself as Gerard. "Feel free to look around the house," he said, "and don't try to escape. That's the only rule. Well, that's not true: when you get to my room, remember to knock, please. Those are the only rules." I couldn't believe my pain nerves - he was untying me?!? And he was letting me roam around his mansion? Then he actually gave me a wink, and left. I sat there, mouth a-gape, for a few minutes, then timidly got up and began my tour of the house.


Well, that's the latest addition to my story!!!! Hope you like!!! And I will have the next chapter(s) SOON!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D


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