Falling in Love with an Emo that Kidnapped Me...

This is a story about a girl who gets kidnapped and ends up falling in love with him (explained in the title lol)! Not really a new plot, but I LOVE this kind of story (IDK why) and I can't find many like this. So. Here we are. :D

Hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter 2

Waking Up

I woke up in a dark room, with a small ray of sunlight streaming in, so it took me a minute for my eyes to adjust. But once I did, I totally FREAKED OUT - not the kind of OMG-it's-a-monster-in-a-scary-movie kind of freak out but the Omygoodness-I-need-my-mommy-right-now freak out. I couldn't scream, though, even though I wanted to; it seemed I was gagged. Actually, I needed to - I was laying on a king-sized bed in an uberhuge room with a tiny door with no visible doorknob on it, and on the walls was a horrific sight: pictures of ME. Ever since I was 10, candid pictures of me on the street, in my freaking room, at my friend's house, basically everywhere. And then, I looked up and saw a mirror - covering the whole ceiling. I could see I was bound by rope on my wrists and ankles; I had on my same clothes on, but my hair had been highlighted... with purple. So the person who had taken pictures of me for years - had also known what I wanted for years! It was a scary thought. I started to cry as another scary thought - or, rather, question - popped into my head: was this person a man or woman? A woman, I wouldn't be so scared of, but... a man...

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