I need your help!!

Hey! I want to make a Percy Jackon Fan-Fic!
I need the characters you guys come up with to be the children of these gods:
Posieden: Boy and Girl
Apollo: Boy and Girl
Athena: Girl and boy
Hermes: Boy and Girl
Hera: Boy (My character!)
More information below!

Chapter 1

I need your help!!

Hey!! So I decided to make a Percy Jackson fan-fiction and I need your guys' help! It's going to be a group story by the way. And You're going to make your own character and when you write a chapter, you're going to do it in your character's point of view.
So, here's my character:
Name: Jake Gwen
Age: 14
Gender: Boy
Godly Parent: Hera
Looks: He is muscular, and tall. His hair is blonde and swifty. Round, deep, blue eyes. Eyebrows are long and sort of angled.
Personality: Has every girl falling for him, but has a crush on someone. Is very nice and sweet. Strong and very dependable. He's never hurt anyone unless defending someone he cares about. And so on.

So yeah. That's what I need about your character.
Godly Parent (Has to be one from up in the descriptoin):

Please message me if you want to be in it. And I'll tell you the plot and everything. And, also, when you send your message, please give me the description of your charater. And when I put page two on here, it'll say something, like I'm full and don't need any more characters. Except maybe minor characters and stuff.

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