My strange strange dream O.o

alright well I don't exactly remember the whole thing but I'll explain best I can

I must waz pretty awrzum :P XD

Chapter 1


Yes, the title of this chapter is POWER POWER POWER for a reason...XD In my dream the first thing I was doing was watching a movie called that...and like it was this freaky horrorish movie about (bare with me i cant explain in detail cuz i dont totally remember the movie) like this dude who went to jail for some reason and somehow I ended up being IN the movie and i was his GF trying to get him out and the ppl were like torturing him and stuff...idk it was freaky anywayz basically it was a very bloody and creepy movie (but i must say if it was a real movie it waz good O.O XD) had a twisted ending but i dont remember wat exactly happened anywho aftr i finished it i was going to like my gma'z house with my BFFL and we picked some berries on the way now i dont get this...but well i was like sucking on them and not eating thm not taking the juice out and my friend was like eating thm and i go "dude r u eating those?!" shez like "ya..." and im all "NO THEYR'E POISONOUS!" yet apparently if u just suck on them it doesnt kill you? idk lolxD that i found a bit strange...but ya so we reach my gma's house (which ended up now that i think about it looking like this house in one of my storiez! :O) some othr random weird crap that would nvr happen in real life happened that i dont exactly remember thn friend and i wer sitting on the couch watching TV and she's STIL eating the berries so i tried to like take them from her and stuff, but some how she kept getting them without evn standing up to pick some mor O.o so ya thnnnn idk how THIS comez into play but apparently my gma waznt watching us anymore and there was like a sitter and she ends up being some child abusing psychopath WHICH ok now ready this is rlly awrzum but rlllly rllyyyyyy random XD SHERLOCK HOLMES (yes thatz rite he some how appeared in the house) DEDUCED! AND SOMEHOW THE DREAM GOZ INTO THE POV OF HIM!!!!! I MEAN WTFH?!?!?! ok anywayz we locked the sitter in the living room by pushing (ok ya so now it turned into my house btw XD) cagez in front of the archway to the kitchen and like one fell but Sherlock (being the beast he is) catchez it and is like holding it thr wile i call 911 i guess and thn basically thatz wen it kind of curious how that ended up and if that movie is real lolxD if it is i wana c it! btw i totally guessed on the title becuz i saw the cover of the dvd case and the front was like the dude with a gun hole thru his head (that has a huge significance but like i said i cant get into detail so just mite as well not go thr) and itz lookz all oldish and POWER is writen down the box over his face (not like on it, just like his face is in the way XD) in deep red letterz

ok sorry i wanted to get that written down becuz that was perhapz the most intense dream ive EVER had like up thr it may not seem all that intense but the movie was like an entire movie! and i could actually TASTE the berries btw if i didnt mention that O_O so ya comment let me know if u've had a freakier dream bla bla bla discuss the dream i guess XD giv me ur thotz...GAH i wish i could explain that whole movie it waz so epic! -.- oh well...

i forgot to mention the weird thing is after watching the movie i go to summer and im like "ive seen that movie like a thousand timez but maybe i was just dreaming it." and like during the movie i felt like i had seen it b4 and like i had dreamt it b4 but i think itz cuz i waz actually figuring out it was just a dream O_O like legit i was all i wonder if im dreaming it was KOOL! XD


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