We Caused So Much Trouble (A Katniss/Haymitch Love Story)


Chapter 1

Living in Victor's Village

"Katniss," Haymitch whispered, shaking the girl gently from her deep sleep. Katniss awoke abruptly and covered herself with the covers. "What, Haymitch?!" His grey eyes studied her feverishly. "Katniss, what are you hiding from me?" "Nothing," she denied, rolling back over in bed. "Leave me alone, Haymitch." He grabbed the blankets from her bed, tossing them aside. Katniss was in a thin nightgown. Her arms had long cuts, fresh blood dripping from them, staining the sheets. A small pile of nightlock was in the dresser. Haymitch gasped. "KATNISS! HOW DARE YOU!" He pulled her into a gut-wrenching hug, kissed her brown hair repeatedly, cursing her suicide attempts. He pulled away to look into the Seam eyes that looked so similar to his own. "You can't do that to yourself, sweetheart." Ever since Peeta died in the Games, since Katniss was forced to kill him, she had been off. She had fallen into a deep depression that even Haymitch and Prim could not pull her out of. Gale had taken off to District 2 with some fancy job and Prim had school, so Haymitch shared a house with his tribute. His bedroom was down the hall, but he spent most of his time in her room, consoling her from nightmares. "Mags...she tried to..." "It's okay, Katniss." But tonight was different. Katniss had tried killing herself. She fell comfortably into Haymitch's arms, shaking from blood loss. He tidied her up with bandages and a hot shower but none of that could ever heal her mental pain. He kissed her forehead, promising that he would protect her. The night after her suicide attempt, Katniss whispered to her mentor in the dead of night, "Haymitch..am I going to die?" "No, sweetheart. You won't die." "Do you promise?" The pain, confusion, and fear in Katniss' eyes caused Haymitch's heart to leap out of his chest. "I promise." He kissed her forehead again and even when she was asleep, he thought of her words. "I will always protect you," he whispered. "Forever, sweetheart. I promise."

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