The Knife and the Sword (A Cato/Clove Love Story)

Here's a little love story for all you Clato fans :0 Enjoy and comment.

Chapter 1

Before it All

"Hey, watch it!" the little black-haired girl yelled as she chased after the blonde boy. "You took my action figure!" He turned, hair glimmering under the sun's hot rays, and said, "What kind of girl plays with action figures?" The girl crosses her arms over her chest, stands as tall as a five-year old can, and exclaims, "I do and I'm better than you!" The blonde boy, much taller than her, stood in front of her, enjoying his height dominance over her. "I'm much bigger than you." "I don't care," she spit, picking up a large rock that sat by her right. She tossed it in her hand and said threateningly, "I can kill you with his." The boy laughed and stuck out his hand to shake the girl's. She pushed it away fiercely, earning another laugh from the boy. "What's your name?" "Clove," she replied, spitting on his shoes. "Why, what's yours?" His smiled again at her stubborness. "I'm Cato." "Well that's a stupid name." He watched with hidden joy as the girl insulted him with the worst words little kids know.

"Hey, you see that boy over there?" a ten-year old Clove asked Cato, gesturing to the small shivering boy in the corner of the playground. "His brother's going into the Games today." "Volunteer?" Clove shook her head in disgust. "Nah, he's a wimp. We're definately not having a victor this year." Cato studied her skeptically. "You know, I kinda wanna go into those Games." Clove's black eyes met his blue ones and she turned away, replying, "I don't know if I want to go in seems...scary." "We're Careers," he said disbelieving the girl's hesitance. "Clove..the stupid girl from 2 that died first." "I'm not going to die," she snapped, annoyed at his mocking words. "I WOULD WIN IF I WENT IN THERE." Cato stood to leave. "Whatever......" Clove, refusing to be left on such a strange note, not wanting to appear weak, hurried after him, and yelled, "LET'S START TRAINING TOMORROW. I'LL TELL AUNT ENOBARIA THAT WE WANT TO TRAIN." Now she had his attention. "Fine, Clover. Sounds good." She cursed as Cato left, wishing nothing more than to smack that boy on the face. That time would come.

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