The Sory of Red and Black.

So this is a story of colours and how two of the main characters get together :)
and also it will be in either Purple's P.O.V who is Red's best freind, Red's P.O.V,Black's P.O.V or Blue's P.O.V who is Black's best freind. This is in a boarding school.

Chapter 1

How They Became Slight Freinds.

The colours were gathering at their school common room. They were all in their sixth year, when they were 15 years old. They were all bored, after Maths. The colours were children of witches and wizards, or muggles. The only reason the colours had come to a muggle scholl, was because their parents (witches and wizards) didn't want them have to be petrified,killed or anything like that. The muggle parents simply did not allow them to go to Hogwarts Scholl Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.
Red sighed and spoke up,'So, what should we do?'
'Truth or Dare!' cried Green.
'Good one' said Red,'who starts?'
'You?' piped Purple.
Red looked nervous 'Okay. i hot?'
Black chuckled.'No.'
Red felt downhearted and nodded. The game went on until Purple was about to ask Blue a question when Green cut her off.
'This game is boring.'
Red looked flabbergasted. 'Dude, you chose this game!'
Black looked at Red, but she didn't look back at him.
Purple smirked,'You like him'
Red glared daggers at her and whispered in her ear,'You like Blue.'
Purple tried to hide her blush and said,'No.'
Red smirked.


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