I Can Love You More Than This

A Niall James Horan love story!

Taylor Gray is a 18 year old girl, attending University in London England, studying to me an author. She is 5'3, shoulder length brown hair, straight across bangs, blue eyes, is outgoing, carefree, likes giraffes, scared of height, is very awkward. Not much else to say, so enjoy!

Chapter 1

Nando's or A Home cooked Breakfast?

beep beep. Uggggggggh. I thought to myself, it feels like I just fell asleep, and now I had to get up to go to school. Literally dragging myself out of bed, I jumped into the shower. The warm water made me that much more tired, so I decided to turn the water ICE. COLD. As the, now freezing, water hit my skin, I was instantly awake and got out of the shower. Drying my self off and putting on some skinny jeans, a dark grey long sleeved shirt and some vans, I went back into the bathroom, put my naturally curly hair half-up, half-down, and sprayed some perfume on. Grabbing my bag, and heading out the door, I realized I was already late. Trying to find my keys in my bag, I heard slight screaming. Who was screaming at 8:30 in the morning?! Finally finding my keys, the screams were getting closer and I saw a blonde young boy jogging in the opposite direction(hehe;)) of the screaming.
'Hey!' I yelled at him. He looked around nervously before seeing me. 'Uh hi' he responded slightly confused, with a Irish accent.
'Do you, uh need a ride or do you want to continue running from those screaming people?' I asked laughing a little. He seemed unsure of how to answer, but finally agreed. Unlocking my blue mini cooper, we both got in. Now realizing I was going to even more late for class, I decided I wasn't going today. Sitting in my car with this random boy I offered a ride to is really awkward. We aren't talking and the radio isn't on.. Oh what have I got to lose? I'll probably never see this boy again.
'I'm Taylor' I said taking my hand off the wheel to offer it to him. 'Niall' he responded taking my hand in his. Believe me or not, but I swear as soon as his hand touched mine, it was like lighting hit us and we were one. Sounds so friggen cheesy but it felt really nice to hold his hand, even for the short amount of 5 seconds time. Clearly my throat, I asked him where he was going.
'So Niall, where am I taking you?' I asked. 'Uh, Nando's I guess' he answered me half smiling. 'Nando's really? At 9 am?' I asked in disbelief.
'Yeah! Nando's is great at anytime in the day!' He said laughing. Me, being the stubborn person I am, not accepting his answer, I responded with 'I'm not taking you to Nando's. We'll go to my house and I'll cook you a nice NORMAL breakfast that doesn't include greasy chicken'. With that, I turned around and went in the direction to my house. 'But it's Nando's...' Niall said smiling. 'But it's a home cooked breakfast!' I said back. After a silent yet not awkward drive, we arrived at my house. Getting out of the car, locking it, and walking up to my door, I had to search for my house keys. 'Why do you have so much stuff in there?' Niall asked. 'Uh, I don't my keys are just hiding right now' I said still searching. Finally getting them I unlocked the door and entered, with Niall beside me. 'Alright, so this is my house, it's not much but, well it's not much' I said waving my arm to add emphasis. 'No it's not bad! But you know what I really want to see?' Niall asked. 'Let me guess, the kitchen? Right this way sir' I said walking towards the kitchen. Once we entered the kitchen, Niall automatically went to the fridge and pulled out eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, hash browns and bread. 'Alright then, I'll get cooking' I said looking at the food, shaking my head and laughing. Since I'm a master chef, it only took roughly 15 minutes to cook Niall's lovely breakfast. Setting his plate, filled with food, in front him, I grabbed my own plate, two glasses and some orange juice. 'I can't believe you actually made me breakfast, I thought you were joking' Niall said shoving food in his mouth. 'You thought I was joking when I turned the car around, grabbed the food, or started to cook?' I asked, raising an eyebrow, taking a bite of egg. 'Hmm, all of the above' he answered with a mouth full of food. He was very attractive, and he looked really attractive eating. Strange, but true. 'So Niall, tell me about yourself, since I gave you a ride, brought you to my house, AND made you breakfast' I told him. 'Well Taylor, I am Niall, I'm 18 from Mullingar Ireland, and I'm in a boy band called One Direction. I love food, as you can probably tell, I like the colour purple and green, I drink quite often.. Uhm, did I mention that I like to eat?' Niall told me. 'Yes you di- WAIT, YOU'RE IN A BOY BAND?! Is that why those girls were screaming?!' I asked in shock. 'You live in London and you haven't heard of One Direction.. Sad life' He said half joking. 'I just recently moved here, and I've heard of One Direction, but to be quite honest I haven't really listened to your music, or seen what you look like!' I answered quite embarrassed. 'No no no! It's ok, not many people have! Don't worry. By the way, that breakfast was way better than Nando's chicken for this morning' Niall said smiling. 'Well what can I say, I'm an amazing cook!' I said standing up, grabbing both our dishes and heading to the sink. 'Here, let me help you with these' Niall said grabbing the dishes from my hand. 'No it's fine, the dishwasher has got it' I said opening the dishwasher. After loading it, Niall got a call. 'Uh, one second ok?' He said looking at his phone to me, to me to his phone. 'Oh yeah, go ahead!' I replied waving my hand. As he walked into the living room, I walked into the bathroom. My face hurt from smiling so much.. Why was I smiling so much? He was such a nice guy and was very attractive, but he would never go for someone like me. He's in a boy band! Alright Taylor, you can keep calm! You're doing a great job so far. Spray some more perfume on and get back out there. Before was on, and I was walking back into the kitchen. Niall was still on the phone so I sat down at the table. Flipping through Twitter, I barely noticed when he came back in. 'So Taylor, it was absolutely fantastic hanging out with you today, but I have a meeting to go to for the band' he said looking sad? Confused? Distraught? I couldn't put my finger on it. 'Oh that's fine! You got to do what you go to do! I understand! It was great saving your life, and cooking you breakfast!' I said smiling and getting up.
'It was amazing thank you! Here give me your phone' Niall said reaching his hand out. Taking it out of my pocket, I handed him my phone. He typed for a few seconds, gave it back to me, took out his phone, typed for a few more seconds, looked up at me and said 'There now I have your number!' He said smiling. At this point, we heard a honk. He sighed went to the door, followed by me and said 'That's my ride. I'll call or text you later and we can go on our second date' he said, kissing my cheek and walking out. 'Bye!' I called after him. WAIT! Did he just call this a date?! HE JUST CALLED THIS A DATE! This has been a wonderful day. There is nothing that could ruin this!

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