Moments (Niall Horan Love Story)

Chapter 1


by: Brice19
Name: Jackie Davis
Hair: brownish, blondish curly hair 
Eyes: blue 
Height: 5'6" medium sized
Age: 18

He never came back. He said we would always be to together, that nothing would separate us. He said he would visit, he did once but never said a word. He broke my heart .I even wrote to him, he never wrote back. Texted him, never texted back. he's not the same person i knew, before it all happened. He was the most important part of my life, but he left,  leaving me alone when I needed him the most. He broke my heart into two pieces and I never wanted to see him again. I took all the pictures I had of him, of us,and put them in a box, anything that reminded me of him I put it in the box. But I couldn't get away from him. He was in magazines on the radio everywhere I looked. My mom wanted to get away too. My Dad and brothers death were getting to we moved to the states, California. It was better but Niall Horan, my best friend, followed me there.

I walked into school late.  Wearing, quitley slipping into my seat. My roommate didn't wake me up this morning so I was late for my English class at university. I sat down next to my best friend, Bree, "hey Jackie" she whispered. "hello" I said. "I love the way you say that" she said smiling. I laughed. People always said I have an accent which is funny because I'm not the one who has the accent.  

The bell rang for the end of school and me and Bree walked to the smoothie place down the street. I ordered the chocolate strawberry smoothie, Bree ordered the Tropical mango smoothie. I was walking out the door when someone came in knocking me backwards, the drink spilling all over me. I gasped feeling the coldness seep into my shirt . "oh, damn. Hey I'm really sorry" a male voice said from above me I looked up to see a cute boy about my age, cute grin on his face, short dirty blond hair, an earring in his ear, and big, warm brown eyes. I stared at him. "hello?" he said waving a hand in front of my face. I blushed "yeah, I'm fine" I stuttered . He smiled  "here let me help you wash off." We went into the bathroom. Taking off my shirt, he closed the door, turning around "oh, sorry" he covered his eyes. I laughed "I don't care" he took his hand away and took off his solid real t shirt. He had a white tank top on underneath and his arms were toned,his stomach a perfect structure . I tore my eyes away from his body. He gave me his shirt. "thanks" I said "no problem" he said. I turned on the sick, rinsing out my shirt.Whats your name?" he asked. "Jackie Davis" I said. "you from Uk?" he asked. "Ireland.You've been there?" I asked. "yeah a couple times." he said smiling. I blushed as he looked at me. "so what brings you to California?" he asked. "my mom decided we needed to get away from Ireland, in more reasons than 1" I said frowning, looking at my hands. I changed the subject. "so what about you? Are you going to university?" I asked looking up at him, as I finished washing my shirt. "I'm well..... I'm a singer" he said smirking. "really?" I said frowning again. He studied me a second. "you don't like singers?" he said laughing. "depends who the singer is" I said looking at him. "what about me?" he said. I shrugged. "here I'll make you a deal you listen to me sing and you can decide" he smiled taking a piece of paper out of his pocket and writing on it. I took it out of his hands putting it in my pocket. "it was nice meeting you Jackie. Hopefully I'll see you soon" he grinned at me one more time and walked out of the bathroom. I stood there awhile, and finally walked out. Bree was seated at a table and when she saw me she threw her hands in the air, "where were you?" she asked "and who's shirt is that?" I sighed "this guy spilled a drink on me and kindly gave me his, and said he was a singer and that I should hear him, and he gave me this paper." 
"was he cute?"she said wiggling her eyebrows. "BREE" I laughed. "hey sorry you gotta think of these things" I smiled. "he was" I blushed "Ohhhhh your blushing" she squealed. "well? Let's see the paper" I took it out of my pocket and looked at it. It had a set of directions, and said when you get there tell them your name. Hope to see you.

She scanned the paper "so are you going to go?" I looked at her "I don't know should I?" she nodded. "you should." 
"ok I'll go" she squealed "aw man you guys are gonna get married, I better be you maid of honor" I laughed "of course." 

I was in my SUV following the directions on the piece of paper. It took me awhile to get ready, Bree helped and we finally decided on this I pulled into the Arena and looked at it. "he's at the arena? Who is he? He must be pretty famous." I said to myself i got out of my car and walked to the door that had two big scary looking security guards. They looked down on me "what do you want?" they said. "well um.... This guy told me to come here and say my name" I said my voice faltering. "well what is it?" they said impatiently. "Jackie, Jackie Davis" they opened the door,  letting me in. The door shut  behind me, and I walked down the white hallway, people were running around saying things into radios. "JACKIE" I heard someone call. I turned around and saw the boy from the smoothie place coming towards me. I blushed as he smiled at me, wrapping his arms around my waist his cheek brushing against mine. My heart flopped. "follow me" he whispered in my ear. His hand found mine and he pulled me towards a door, on the door said a name that looked so familiar. I stopped, tilting my head slightly. "what's wrong?" he asked. "that name, It looks so familiar" I squinted at it. "that's my name. Justin Bieber." My eyes widened and I started to back away. Memories flooded my mind, the times me and Niall sat in his room listening to Justin's music. Niall saying how much he wanted sing. Me urging him too. Then for my  16 birthday he made the whole C.D of Justin Bieber's songs for me. Tears were forming in my eyes. "hey what's wrong" Justin asked. "I-I-I can't....I h-h-have to go" i said backing away, my voice cracking.
"don't go. Tell me about it." Justin grabbed my hands locking them to his chest. A tear rolled down my cheek, and I looked down at the ground. He took his hand from mine and tilted my chin upward. "talk to me" he said looking me in the eyes. He turned around pulling me towards his dressing room. We sat down on the couch. "Niall Horan" I said. He looked at me. "you've ever met him?" I asked.  He nodded " yeah once." then I told him everything starting from the day Niall and I first met, to the day he stopped talking to me. I don't know why I told a person I don't even know about everything that happened between me and Niall, but I feel like I can trust him. When I finished I looked at Justin "what a douche" He said looking disgusted. I laughed letting a few tears slip. "I would never do that to you" Justin said. A man poked his head threw the door "sound check in 5" the door closed. "Thanks" I said to Justin. " Anything for you" he said grinning. "Gimme your phone" he said, holding out his hand. I took it out of my pocket. He typed what seemed like his number in my phone, and his phone went off. "there, now we both have each others numbers" I smiled. " well lets go to sound check" he pulled me off the couch. 
The concert was amazing and for a moment I forgot about Niall Horan. 

Really sorry for any typos. 
The boys will either come into he story next chapter or chapter after that.
Comment I I should keep writing this one.

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