Favorite Band Survey

You ready for some questions about my favorite band? Yeah me neither!

Chapter 1

She's a Killer Queeeen!

by: Roger_
1. Name of the band: 


2. How long have you been a listener?: 

June 2011

3. Tell how you discovered them in 5 words or less. (gonna have to be vague): 

Dallas Maverick's Singing Their Song (long story)

4. What country are they from?: 


5. What language do they sing in?:

6. Do you know how they became famous?: 

Well, I guess like any other band they made their first album and a chart topping single 'Keep Yourself Alive'. (I dunno honestly)

7. What year did the band form? 


8. Who makes up the band? 

Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger freakin' Taylor !

9. Ever been to one of their shows? 

Noo. If I were to, it wouldn't be a Queen concert, because it's not Queen without Freddie or John.

10. What was the first and last CD they put out? 

First: Queen (1973)
Last: Made In Heaven (1995)

11. Do they have any DVDs released, if so do you own any of them? 

Yeah, I have the 'Days Of Our Lives' documentary! 

12. Is this band a mainstream band?

HA, far from it darling.

13. Ever seen one of their videos on mtv/vh1/Fuse? 

I really don't watch any of those channels so I would know!

14. How many CDs of theirs do you own? 

None. Well soon I'll own their vinyl record 'Night at the Opera'! 

15. Do you own any of their singles? 
See question 14 If I don't have one of their CDs (Records in this case) then I don't have one of their singles silly! Sorry for jumping on you like that. I know your just a survey.. 

16. Do you have any band t-shirts for them? 

I used to but somehow I lost it and..yeah :O

17. Name 5 of their songs that you can think of off the top of your head (doesn't matter if you like it or not): 

-Somebody to love
-March of the black queen
-killer queen
-back chat

18. What is your favorite song by them? 

Mmm. Well....my favorite song of theirs changes daily if not weekly. So right about now I'd have to say its 'March Of The Black Queen'

19. Favorite CD of theirs?

'Night At The Opera'

20. How much would you be willing to pay to see them live? 

WELL. I guess a good amount of money. I DON'T KNOW! 

21. Who's your favorite member of the band? 

Uhm, I dunno let's see.. Uh Roger freakin' Taylor! I have too many reasons why so I'm not gonna list them out.

22. What instruments do they play? 

Drums and percussion(:

23. Do any of your friends listen to this band as well? 

Yes, only one! Shocking isn't it :O I'm actually on a mission to get the rest of my to like them! 

24. What clothing style do they wear? 

Well during the 70's they wore the common 70's get up. And in the 80's they did kind of their own thing, ya know kinda laid back sort of thing. Ya dig, man? (sorry I've been listening to beatniks too much!)

25. Post a photo? 
Ooo, who's that young lady with the blonde hair? Why it's my baby Roger Taylor ;D

26. Do your parents like this band? 

I dont really know. They havent listened to them really because they don't listen to rock. But they know who they are, I made sure of that!

27. Can you name all the songs that are on one of their CDs? 

Uh, I can TRY. But I'm not gonna get them all right. 'Night at the opera':
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Seaside Rendevous
3. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
4. I'm in Love With My Car
5. Your My Best Friend
That's all I know! 

28. What other bands do you like that sound like this one? 

I haven't listened to a band yet that sounds like Queen, so I'd have to say none.

29. Is their CD in your CD player right now? 

Uhmm. I dont use CD's (; 

30. Do you have their music on your ipod/zune/whatever?

On my iPod, schyeah! 

31. Do you have anything autographed by them? 

No. /: 

32. Least favorite song by them?

Don't Stop Me Now. It's really annoying! 

33. Last time you listened to them? 

I'm listening right now! 

34. Ever been in a mosh pit at one of their shows? 

Noo? Have you? 

35. Were they more famous when you started listening to them, or are they more famous now? 

Well. Considering they were in their hay-days in the 70's and 80's..I don't know how to answer this question.

36. What's a song of theirs you can listen to on repeat without getting bored? 

'I Want To Break Free' because I love singing it over and over again!

37. Are you listening to them now? 
See Question 33

38. On a scale of 1-10 rate your knowledge of the band. 

I would have to say a solid 8.9 Yeah, I'm still learning(:

39. Ever wrote about them for a school paper? 

Nope, they don't give us assignments like that at my school. But I do mention them in some of my warm-ups for theatre.

40. What color are the main singer's eyes? 


41. How many band members are there in the band? 


42. Can you name them all and what they play? 

I dont know CAN I? Just playing(: 
Freddie: Vocals, Piano
Brian: Guitars
John: Bass
Roger: Drums

43. What genre is their music? 

Progressive Rock, if you want to be technical 

44. If I went to a cd store would I be able to find their cd? 


45. Where do you buy most of their band merch? 

Merch, Merch. That would sounds weird doesn't it? Anyway, let's get back on topic. Online! 

46. Did anyone get you into this band? Who? 

I got myself into this band. When I listened to 'We Are The Champions' on YouTube, I kept listening to more of their songs on their then BAM! They were my favorite(: 

47. Do you own any movies with their music featured in it? 

Happy Feet. 'Somebody To Love' was sung in their. I hate that version though.

48. If this band broke up, would you cry? 

Well, in my mind Queen is broken up already. But in real life their technically still together. Soo yeah, you can say that I'm sad their broken up. 

49. Second fave band next to this one? 

The Beatles baby! 

50. How much has this band influenced you? 

Queen has completely changed my life in only one year. That's pretty impressive. I wouldn't be half the person I am today without them. My whole out look on life, and my whole attitude has changed all because of them. Words cannot describe how much I love them for that. And I'd really like to tell them one day. 


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