The Royal Tale of Victoria Nora

Victoria Nora, the youngest princess of seven tells her tale after her father's death three months before her fourteenth birthday.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Early a week later, I sat in my chamber. Pippa had left the palace, and left for Rino. If she was careful, she’d be back in hours, but they were the ones that had attacked us. I grabbed the emerald ring that I had tied to my waist when we fled. James had given it to me when we had first met. I put it on, and continued to think of him.
“My lady,” a peasant said entering my chamber. “Someone is here to see you,” The peasant said.
“I’ll be down in a few,” I told her quietly.
“I’ll take the young man into the dining hall then, my lady,” The peasant said. She closed the door to my chamber and I stood to grab one of my blue gowns from the wardrobe. I slipped into the blue velvet gown, and walked to the dining hall.
In the dining hall, a young man was pacing.
“Where is my Victoria, she must be safe here,” I heard the man say.
“Lady Victoria was going to change into a proper gown, then come straight down, there she is now,” The peasant that had come to my chamber had said. The young man turned around.
“Victoria,” He said running to hug me. He was wearing battle armor, and looked like he had just left the battlefield.
“James,” I gasped when he took off his helmet and hugged me.
“I’d thought I had lost you Victoria,” James said hugging me tighter.
“Never, true love never fails,” I whispered. “Is everyone safe?” I asked him.
“Not everyone,” He whispered before kissing my cheek.
“Who could have been injured during the battles?” I asked him.
“Sir Frederick was killed in the battle.” He said hugging me tightly.
“Princess Margret’s Beloved? How is the princess holding up knowing that grave news?” I asked him.
“Princess Margret has yet to leave her chamber,” He said wiping a tear from my eye. “Queen Beatrice wished to tell you to stay under the safety of the undergrowth when you go outside, she also wished you to know that it isn’t safe for you and princess Pippa to return to the castle.”
“As well figured, how is sir Oliver as he knows his beautiful wife is currently in Rino?” I asked James.
“Pippa is in Rino? That is grave news that never reached the palace. When did she leave?” He asked.
“Late last night, she sent a messenger four days ago,” I started to worry.
“I must go protect the princess, at your leave of course my lady,” He said letting go of me.
“Go, protect Pippa,” I whispered worried. He left the dining hall, and I went to my bedchamber to sleep.

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