The Royal Tale of Victoria Nora

Victoria Nora, the youngest princess of seven tells her tale after her father's death three months before her fourteenth birthday.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Victoria,” Adela’s husband Adrian said shaking me awake.
“What time is it?” I asked him quietly.
“The king died a few minutes ago, I was sent to retrieve you for your sister, and mother’s sake.” Adrian whispered. I quickly rolled out of my four-poster bed, and rushed to my father’s bedchamber where my six sisters and my mother were. Adrian showed me in, and left the room to let us mourn on our own. Pippa was sitting on our mother’s foot. Adela, Emma, and Matilda were standing on the right side of our father’s bed all with tears in their eyes. Margret was holding our mother’s hand, and Sophia was standing next to the door. Sophia hugged me, and let go.
“King Jasper was a good man,” A peasant that I hadn’t noticed before said.
“Please leave us.” My mother said.
“Yes my lady,” The peasant said before bowing and leaving the room.
Margret and Matilda started crying. Pippa stood up and hugged me crying. Our mother was trying not to cry.
Suddenly the door opened to the bedchamber.
“Sorry to interrupt your mourning, but the castle is under attack.” My betrothed James said coming in the bedchamber.
“Victoria, Pippa go. Don’t come back until we find you again.” Our mother whispered. James looked me in the eyes and led me and Pippa to our own bedchambers to change to peasant clothes.
“Victoria, promise me. Promise me you’ll be safe.” James said after I changed.
“I’m just going to the hidden palace, and I’ll be armed.” I whispered.
“I can’t lose you.” James said hugging me.
“You won’t.” I whispered pulling away. “Go get suited up for battle, I’ll be fine.” I said running from the room to meet Pippa in the stables. James was to help protect the castle, while Pippa and I fled.
I met Pippa in the stables. She had already saddled both our horses, and was holding two swords. We mounted our horses, and rode off into the woods that surrounded the castle.
“You should have worn something with sleeves Victoria; I’m surprised James didn’t say that.” Pippa said after we had rode for about an hour.
“He might have, had I not run off to catch you.” I said.
“You’ll see too much sun Victoria.” Pippa scolded. I giggled and continued riding. Pippa stopped buy the river at dawn.
“Let us rest till noon, and then we’ll take the last hundred strides of the journey.” Pippa said quietly. I nodded and dismounted my horse. Pippa and I both lay down next to the river and fell fast asleep.
Pippa shook me awake a few hours later. We mounted our horses, and rode through the forest. It took the rest of the day to get to the secret palace.
“My lady,” a peasant said when he saw Pippa ride up.
“Get our rooms ready for bed.” Pippa commanded.
“Yes my lady, do you want me to get someone to make some super for you before you sleep?” The peasant asked.
“Yes!” I cried out.
“Fi sister, we must plan our actions.” Pippa scolded again.
“I’ll have them take it to the princess’s chamber.” The peasant said bowing.
Soon after we had been fed and drank, we sat in our chamber, and planed what we should do next.

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