War of the Worlds... Please read :)

Just a short story from a scene in the war of the worlds, with a few changes. Please tell me what you think XD

Chapter 1

The beginning..

I opened the creaky door after hearing all the commotion and bounded down the damp steps. Everyone around me was gaping up at the sky, as if frozen in time, their faces traumatized like they had all been condemned to die. What monstrosity could of caused all this despair and distress? I dreaded to look up, what horror would i apprehend? I took 3 deep breaths and gained the courage to take a quick glance. The sky looked like it had cracked and murky dust was creeping through. What was this abomination?

Fear gripped me, i couldn't tear my eyes away from what devastation i saw. A shiver ran down my spine and broke my trance like state. The wind was picking up. I dashed around the side of the house and into the backyard. The wind was getting stronger and more vigorous by the minute. The recently washed clothes were frantically clinging to their line in desperation. The helpless autumn leaves were circling in the air. The peculiar thing was the violent winds seemed to be blowing towards the storm. The screeching winds were becoming as loud as ever but suddenly everything went calm. Then the lightning started.

The dark clouds swirled and flashed blue illuminating the whole sky. lightning bolts struck in all directions and i could hear the cries of terror of all the people close by. The way the lightning flashed reminded me of strong tree roots. I walked slowly backwards and bumped into the wall, confused and bewildered from what was going on all around me. Never in my life had i ever seen something like this before. A bolt hit the house next to mine and i cried out in shock. I quickly ran up the side steps and stumbled, quickly regaining my balance i ran into the house for protection.

Standing at my window looking at the storm was fascinating, it just got more and more puzzling. Then it occurred to me, where was the thunder? I flinched as bolts flew past my window and hit a car nearby. The car's high pitched siren rang out echoing down the deserted streets. The bolts were starting to strike less and less so i ventured back outside. The grey clouds had become larger and occasionly flashed yellow like it was exploding from the inside out. I could hear people gathering nearby, probably wondering and discussing what had just happened and if anything unexplained or alien like was going to happen. I had a feeling this was only the beginning...


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