Shadow, the stray dog

this is just a story i made up in school... and i liked it i think its pretty good
but since i kind of forgot some of it,it wont be the same but who cares anyways.

Chapter 1

hi, im Shadow ( things about me and my siblings)

hi, im Shadow i am a black and white pitbull. So i am just going to tell you about myself. so like i said i am a black, and white ( Full) Pitbull, i am 9 months old, i have 2 brothers and 1 sister. my one brother is named Domino and my other brother is named Nick and obviously im Shadow. and my one sister is named Sadie. Domino is the oldest he is 9 months old, Nick is the third oldest he is 8 months old and Sadie is 8 months old. anyways i am the 2nd oldest and Sadie is the youngest. me Domino and Nick always look after her no matter what. so here are other things about me. i am a male i love to roam around i am a very agressive dog but pertects who i love. i love to dig in the trash and find useful things, i love getting muddy,i love chasing things and eating food. me and my siblings are strays, are mother got killed by a hunter (she was very agressive to him because she was pertecting me and my siblings) and she didn't want us getting hurt. i was about 6 months old but i am not sure. Ever since then we were strays, roaming, digging into garbage cans and dumsters. Trying to find a good home. But who would want a pitbull? they say we are horrible pets.we were bred to fight other dogs, but not people. but i guess thats why my mother got killed... but atleast me and my siblings are still together. so enough about me and on with my brothers and sister. so anyways, Domino is a Grey pitbull who would most likely not get along with other dogs. he was a major fighting dog. he was trained to fight at the age of 7 months, young right? he was trained to kill every thing in his path but he got it under control. he doesnt talk that much but he does talk. so now on with Nick. Nick is more of a ''leave me alone or i'll kill you type of dog'' and i am a more of ''DONT MESS WITH ME''! but on with Nick. he is one of those dogs who care about his family type and wont let ANYTHING happen to them.He is also a brown and white pitbull. last but not least, Sadie. Sadie is the sweetest dog i have ever known. she loves us to death. but when it comes to bad people or bad dogs, she does not mess around. It's like she changes into a different dog .she is a brown and white pitbull. my moms name was Shilo,she was a black and white pitbull. so ya thats pretty much it about us but there are some other things i didn't say. i was also a fighting dog when i was 8 months old.i was trained to make the dog run off pretty much. i still have alot of the scars from the dog fights, so nobody messes with me and my siblings, oh ya Domino still has his and Nick but not Sadie she would run and hide when we were at the place to fight dogs. then we ran away it was like a piece of cake. so ya thats about it. Oh ya i almost forgot are dad Leo, (he was a black pitbull) he got beaten and went to the ASPCA and didnt make it...

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