Please Give Me A Way Out

Chapter 1

Stuff A First Chapter Has (BLAH BLAH)...

by: Luvli_Grl
This is a story about kidnap, three princesses, a messanger, and some death traps along the way.

These are the characters: (this is an original story by me)

Celesti Wilda Smith
Age 16
3rd born princess of Phildeya (a country in the 8th dimension)
dirty blond hair, aqua eyes, slightly tanned

Mikayla Anne Smith
Age 17
2nd born princess in Phildeya
brown hair, emerald green eyes, slightly tanned

Annaliese Marie Smith
Age 18
1st born princess of Phildeya
red velvet colored hair, hazel eyes, slightly tanned

Linniel (Linny) Adrian Carter
Age 16
Messenger of the Smith Mansion
brown hair (short), grayish blue eyes, slightly tanned

These are the main characters. I will write the first chapter as soon as I can. :D
Be prepared!

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