I'm sorry 'bout this...

Chapter 1


So my week has been pretty crady this week. Everybody's been meaner then usual this week, and my boy Ash is out of town with his family. For some reason my entire school (except for about 4 people) seem to go out of there way to make me miserable. Ash used to be my best friend and a couple of weeks ago he asked me out. When he's there everyone is a little nicer, not nice just nicer. Everyone likes Ash. But now that he's not here there meaner than ever. I don't think I'm mean, I mean I don't gossip, I don't make fun of people and I'm pretty quiet. I don't understand why everyone is so mean to me! I mean I am really clutsy and I do mess everything up. I never say the right thing. I confuse people because I'll start talking about something that I'm thinking of without explaining it. I tend to talk without thinking about it sometimes. I think that if I wasn't here everyone's lives would be so much easier. Maybe if I wasn't here then everyone would be so much happier. Thanks for reading this and not just moving on to the next story.

Peace-out everyone.

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