You are my One Thing- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

You are my One Thing- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hey guys! I've been working hard on this one. Since Louis is my fav out of the guys i decided to dedicate this one to him! Hope you like it :) I have the rest of the story but i dont know how to add chapters. please comment if you know how :)

Chapter 1

Corner Cafe

by: 1D4Life
Name: Mia Reece
Age: 18
Looks: Pretty with mid length blonde streaked hair and crystal blue eyes.
Height: 5"6
Personality: Funny, outgoing, cute, smart, athletic.
Background: Lives with her mum and dad in England. She currently attends High School and adores celebrities such as Justin Bieber and One Direction (especially Louis Tomlinson!). She is very well liked by everyone and has a GPA of 3.7. Her dream is to have One Direction sing a song just for her!

The sun was streaming through the wide French door windows that opened to the balcony in my room. The sunlight that was shining in was almost too bright to bear. I tried to ignore the light but I couldn’t, because a few seconds later my alarm clock went off. "I-I I wanna save ya, wanna save your heart tonight. He'll only break ya, leave you torn apart oh!" I quickly reached over to my night stand and shut my alarm off. I loved One Direction and all, but I needed to get up.
I dragged myself out of bed and quickly washed up and threw some clothes on. A cute blue striped top with skinny jeans and sandals was perfect for this bright day in England (not that it ever was really sunny here). I raced down the stairs to grab my car keys and sunglasses. As my hand turned the knob on the front door my mother called from the kitchen, "Mia! Where are you going?"
"Out mum! Just to the café in the shopping center. You know the Corner Café?" I hollered back.
"Ok, but be back soon. I don’t need you out late." She said.
"I'll call you!" I shouted.
"Ok!" She replied.

I raced to the car and started the engine and quickly rushed out of the driveway. I turned the radio to my favorite station to hear One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" to be playing. I blasted the speakers and rolled down my windows only to get a few strange looks from the other drivers who could obviously hear it. I ignored them and sang my heart out. I was dancing like nobody was watching, even though everybody kind of was.
I pulled around the corner leading to the café and looked to find a parking spot. Usually you can never find one, but today I guess I got lucky. I parallel parked and then locked the car on my way into the small little café. I put my sunglasses on top of my head and checked out the menu. The bell on the door (to let you know when a customer arrives) rang and I couldn’t help but peer over my shoulder to take a glance. I saw 2 guys in hoodies and shades walk in and head over to a table with 3 other guys in the same type of outfit. I was so busy staring at them I didn’t realize someone was trying to get my attention.
"Miss? Um Miss what would you like today?" The cashier asked.
"I'm sorry what?" I snapped out of my daze.
"What would you like today?" She said once more.
"Um can I have a caramel frappe please?" I asked.
"Sure, wait one moment please." Then she turned to make my coffee as another cashier took her place. As soon as she was occupied with my order, I looked back over to the table to where those boys were sitting at. I didn’t want to make my gaze noticeable so I pretended to look around from behind my shoulder. I turned back around to see my order was complete.
"Here you go." The cashier said handing my frappe. I paid her the cost and as I left her gaze and turned around, SMACK!

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry." I looked up to see one of the boys in a hoodie and shades, his expression apologetic.
"It's ok." I said.
"You're sure? Cause that's a pretty nasty stain there." He said. I looked down at my shirt to find a huge tan colored stain on the front.
"Yeah but its fine. No big deal." I said casually.
"Can I buy you another one then, as my way of saying sorry….again?" He offered. My sugar level was running low at this point so I figured why not.
"Sure." I said with a smile, flashing my teeth. He walked ahead of me and since there was no one in line he walked to the register with ease. He asked what I had and then placed in the order. He leaned against the counter staring at the table where his friends were at, they seemed to be in a rush. He didn't seem to care though, he just looked at me at started up a conversation.

"So what's your name?" He asked. I stared at him for a second blankly before responding.
"Mia." I said, he seemed to be thinking it over.
"That's a lovely name." He said.
"Can I ask why you're wearing dark sunglasses inside?" I asked. His lips pursed together tightly before responding.
"Uh well you know…." He started, "It's really bright in here." His voice was a little shaky. I nodded my head with disbelief. Before I could say anything else my phone rang. It was kind of embarrassing since my ring tone is One Direction's, "What Makes You Beautiful". I took out my phone and declined the call and looked up to see him smiling a cute smile.
"Nice ring tone." He said. I couldn’t tell if it was sarcasm or not.
"Oh uh yeah. It's kind of weird I know." I said sluggishly.
"No, no I think it's cute." He said. I gave him a strange look.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yeah. I see a lot of girls with that ring tone. I personally just find it cute." He said. That's weird, because every boy I know always tells me to answer quickly or shut it off cause they can't stand the band. He expression looked annoyed and confused. My frappe finally came and he handed it to me. I forgot my phone was still in my hand and I dropped it on the ground. We both bent down at the same time to pick it up, I looked at him when I got the phone and noticed his glasses fell off. My eyes bulged when I saw him. Not only did have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen but he wasn't just a guy, he was, was……
"Louis Tomlinson?!" I whispered to him softly. His eyes were wide opened and he quickly grabbed his sunglasses and put them back on. He pulled me behind a large plant away from where people could see us.
"Don't say my name out loud!" He ordered, "People could recognize me, and the band and I we will be finished!"
"Ok, ok calm down." I assured him.
"Sorry about all of this, it's just well I can tell you're a fan and all and well-" I cute him off.
"I know. Believe me; a true fan wouldn’t want her favorite band member to get crushed by a mob of screaming girls." He smiled at what I said and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
"You know, I would never do this but you seem really cool and collected. Do you think that maybe you would want to come and hang with me and the band? That is, if you're not busy or anything." He said. I nodded slightly and said, "Yes." He smiled back and put his disguise back on and walked me to the others.
"Guys, this is Mia." He introduced me.
"Hello." They all said. I waved back since I didn’t have the voice to say "Hi" back.
"She's gonna come and hang with us today." Louis said.
"Cool." They replied all turning and nodding to one another.
"So, where are you guys hanging out?" I managed to say.
"We were actually just going to go back to Louis and Harry's place since we have the day off. You know, chill." I could tell that was Liam's voice just from the tone of it. Man I'm a creep!
"Ok, well I have my car, so I can just follow you guys back." I said.
"Sounds great, I'll go with you. You know, so you won't feel lonely and all." Louis offered. The guys giggled under their breath. I smiled and said, "Ok" and before I knew it, Louis and I were in my car on our way back to his place." I started the engine as he took the passengers seat and turned the radio on. Louis was going through the CD's that were left on the seat. He paused when he noticed One Directions' album, "Up All Night".
"Let's play this one." He said holding up and shaking the CD.
"Ok". I put it in and "What Makes You Beautiful" started playing.
"You're insecure…don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the door." I started singing. I completely forgot I had a One Direction band member in my car until I looked over at him realizing what I just did. He was smiling and giggling. I blushed and turned to face the road.
"Baby you light up my world like nobody else!" He sang. His voice was SO dreamy I could die! I wanted to kiss him right there, but that would be awkward and totally uncalled for. The song soon ended and Louis shut the radio off. I turned to him about to ask him why he did that until he started to speak.
"Back at the café….did you really mean it when you said I was your favorite band member?" I blushed at his questioned and exhaled before answering.
"Yeah." I said, he smiled a full smile at my answer. "That's good to know." He said.
"Why?" I asked. He shrugged.
"I don’t know. You seem really cool. It's nice to not talk to a crazy obsessed fan. I mean you're a fan but just not crazy." I could've told him the truth, but the truth hurts, especially when you're sitting next to your idol. I would've told him how I know everything about him. From his habits, to obsessions, to his exes and home life, but that would creep him out and I could see him wanting to get out of the car once I told him, so I let it go.
"That's nice to hear." I said. We pulled up to the complex and made our way inside to his apartment. Room 2080 on the 7th floor. The boys were already inside when we all walked in. They turned from the TV as we made our way to the couch, me sitting next to Louis on the end, all of their disguises gone.
"So Mia?" Liam started, "Where are you from?"
"Doncaster." I replied. They all turned to Louis whose face turned red, I knew that's where he lived but I lived far away from where his actual house was.
"Same here." Louis raised his hand. I giggled and turned back to the other boys.
"So Mia, are you a fan of the band?" Harry asked. My cheeks felt hot as I nodded. "What's your favorite song?" He asked. I had to think long and hard before answering.
"Mmm….I really can't say. Maybe "One Thing" but, I love them all. However I do always get emotional when "Moments" play." They all nodded in agreement. I still was in shock I was sitting in Louis and Harry's apartment actually talking to One Direction!

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