daniel radcliffe and emma watson love story

daniel radcliffe and emma watson love story

This is just a story about dan and emma in love and stuff so YEAH....

Chapter 1

By emma

Plot: rupert - loves - emma dan - loves - emma tom - loves - evanna katie - loves - dan evanna - loves - mat mat - loves - bonnie bonnie - loves - tom emma - loves - ?????? BUT IT COULD ALL CHANGE! (the day after emmas B-day, 10:30am emma is in her summer house in new brighton, still in pjs, dan has just called round. they go to her room ) dan: so, how was your birthday? emma: great thanks dan: sorry i couldnt make it, the women in black is taking forever to film, i had to stay after my hours emma: its fine, its not your fault dan: no, im really sorry, so... here (hands her a small present) emma: you shouldnt have! (smiles) (opens it to find a beautiful amber necklace) emma: its so pretty!!! dan: i thought it reminded me of you, here... (puts it on for her) emma: thank you so much! (hugs him) dan: its nothing, so err... have you seen rup lately? i cant get through when i try and call. emma: no, he has gone skiing for a week or two in scotland. dan: oh, who with? emma: dunno. family? dan: oh cool... so what do you wanna do? emma: dunno, up to you! dan: shall we go for a walk? and you can tell me all about how your big day went! emma: sure, let me just change, dan: want me to wait outside? emma: if you dont mind (10 mins later) emma: (comes out) dan: you look great! emma: thanks, could you zip me up? (turns round, back of her dress needed zipping up) dan: sure, (zips her up) there. emma: thanks, coming then? dan: yeah... (they go outside and have a walk round and stop for ice cream, because its a nice day) dan: so what did you get for your b-day? emma: well, bonnie had got me this dress, katie got me purfume, evanna got me earrings and i got loads more too... dan: sounds great! emma: yeah, spose... so, when is it your next birthday? dan: err, about 2 weeks now? emma: so, err, what do you wanna get? dan: if your thinking about getting me something , dont! i just wanna see you all! emma: but you got me this necklace! and i LOVE it! so you are getting something from me! dan: em, you dont need to get me anything! emma: ok, ok! i wont! (lying) dan: you are SUCH a bad liar! (smiles) emma: (laughs) dan: C'mon lets go somewhere else emma: where? dan: err... the beach? emma: great idea! (they go to the beach and emma takes off her shoes and they walk along the edge of the water) dan: such a nice day! emma: yeah... aww , how cute are they? (pointing to a bunch of small children running round and playing.) dan: yeah... do you want kids one day? emma: yeah! look how cute they are! like little angles... are you? dan: yeah but no more than two! they would be hard to look after! noisey, smelly, hungry ALL the time! (they laugh) emma: yeah, spose... so when is women in black coming out? i really want to see it! dan: well we finished filming yesterday and i will have my own copy next week, you can borrow it if you want? emma: yeah sure! im no good with horror films though.... dan: its more of a psychological film really, there is not really much blood and stuff except for this one girl who--- emma: STOP! your telling me what happens! dan: oh right yeah, sorry... (smiles) emma: its fine... just kinda scary... dan: i'll watch it with you if you want? emma: sure! it is your film! dan: yeah, or at least im in it! emma: thats better than im doing, i need to get into a decent film... the ones im getting asked to be in all sound rubbish... dan: youll find the right one soon... emma: OUCH! (lifts up her foot, she had stepped on a coral segment) dan: are you ok??? (her foot was bleeding a bit) emma: fine, just a cut. (they have walked all arond the beach) emma: what now? dan: well, i had better go back to london now... emma: do you have to??? dan: yeah, i cant stay here, there are no hotels emma: oh, well, you could stay with me? in the summer house? dan: really? are you sure? emma: sure! it'll be fun! dan: ok, great! emma: c'mon , lets go...
(they walk back up towards emma's place when they bump into tom, evanna, bonnie, matthew and katie.)
emma: hey! what are you guys doing round here?
tom: we liked it round here yesterday when we came and decided to come back today!
dan: great!!!
katie: what are you doing here dan?
dan: (tells them what they did today)
matthew: cool!
emma: yeah, should we go back to my place then?
evanna: YA!
(they go back into emmas place)
bonnie: what do you guys wanna do then?
tom: dunno
katie: watch a movie?
emma: not horror!
dan: why not? youll need the practise!
emma: awwwww.... do i HAVE to?
matthew: yup!
bonnie: sorry emma, out-voted
evanna: what one should we watch?
tom: SAW?
emma: no
katie: final destanation?
emma: no!
matthew: nightmare on elm street?
emma NO!!!!
evanna: awww... come on emma, its just a film!
emma: mmmm... i know... fine, but im not watching!
dan: no one is going to force you!
(they sit down, bonnie sits next to tom, evanna sits on his other side with matthew, emma lies on the floor with dan. they put on the film, emma closes her eyes and puts her hands over her ears) (10mins in there is a loud scream from the film and emma grabs dans hand and doesnt let go.)
1:50hours later-
dan: em? its over
(isnt listening)
dan: em... its over, you can open your eyes!
emma: what? oh... thanks
bonnie: that was great!
tom: yeah!
evanna: i liked the bit where she fell into the metal fan and he had to scrape her up with his own bare hands, then he had no food and ate her flesh and she came back to life inside him and had to eat her way out and he---
emma: (pale)
dan: guys! stop scaring her! she's as white as a sheet! err, she actually looks kinda ill... err, em? are you ok...
emma: ughh... i feel dizzy...
dan: uh oh... tom go get some water please?
tom: yup... (goes to get water)
dan: (puts his hand on her forehead. it was really hot.) mat, go get a flannel will you?
mat: sure, (goes upstairs to get a damp flannel)
emma: no, its fine... im ok...
dan: no your not, your sick. bonnie pass a pillow....
(bonnie passes dan a pillow, he puts it under her head.)
evanna: will she be ok?
dan: i hope so, if it gets worse, she will need to see a doctor...
evanna: this is all my falt! im so sorry em!
dan: oh, dont play the blame game! its no ones fault.
(tom comes back with water and matthew comes back with a damp flannel)
dan: here em, drink some water
(she drinks a little bit)
(dan puts the flannel on her head)
emma: thanks (in a weak voice)
tom: watcha thinks wrong with her? i mean, this cant of happened just cus of a horror film...
dan: i dunno but i hope she gets better... (looking at her)
(they all stay with her for a few hours and then it gets dark)
evanna: omg, i got to go! awww... but i dont wanna leave her...
dan: no, its fine go, im staying with her, you guys get back to london...
matthew: you sure youll be ok?
emma: im f-fine! (weakly)
dan: shhh... em, go back to sleep! you need your rest! ...yeah, its fine, i'll make sure shes ok...
(with goodbyes, the others leave)
Dan stays the night and doesnt leave her side or go to sleep, he made sure she was ok and when she woke up he was glad to see she looked better.
emma: dan? (rubbing her eyes)
dan: yeah, its fine, im here... how are you feeling?
emma: better...
dan: what happened last night? why did you just become ill?
emma: i dont know , i just felt dizzy and my eyes went fuzzy and... (looks bad at the tought of it)
dan: well, your feeling ok now right?
emma: better, yeah...
dan: good... (relived. takes the flannel away from her head and feels her forehead, it was still hot. he turned over the flannel and put it back on her head.)
emma: dan?
dan: yeah?
emma: thanks.
dan: for what?
emma: for being so kind...
dan: what do you mean?
emma: for looking after me, thanks
dan: ohhhhhhh, its fine!
emma: your SO getting a birthday present!
dan: (laughs, happy to see her getting better)
(they spend most of the day talking and dan puts the TV on for emma to watch while he searched the symptoms in books and online.)
dan: your not pregnant are you? (looking in a book of symptoms and illnesses)
emma: NO!
dan: ok, ok ,ok! errr, lets see... mmm... poison?
emma: no.. dont think so...
dan: errr... any recent cuts?
emma: errr.... nope, not that i can remem-- oh! err... the one one the beach!
dan: oh yeah... ok, it says here ... 'if the cut is infected of caused by something poisonous then can result in nausea, calapcing on and off, and blood infection. if this is the case, you must see your GP for further treatment'
emma: that must be it! err, is coral poisonous?
dan: maybe certan ones are... dunno...
emma: well, at least im not dieing!
dan: (raises eyebrows) dont say that!
emma: sorry...
dan: its ok, just things like that scare me... i dont want you to die.
emma: me neither (smiles)
dan: (smiles back) im gunna call the others, tell them that your getting better, i bet they are really worried...
(dan calls the others and tells them emmas getting on fine and what they found out about the coral)
emma: i really apressiate this you know dan, your a really great friend...
dan: i told you, its fine! honest!
emma: stop being modest! your the best person i have EVER met! what would it be like if i didnt know you?
dan: fine?
emma: it would be horrible!
dan: em, i think this corals got you a little bit funny in the head, (smiles) go back to sleep and get your beauty sleep... not that you need it...
emma: thanks (smiles and closes her eyes)
The next day:
dan: em? em? emma?
emma: (was sleeping , just woke up,) ughhh... what?
dan: you have a visiter, this is the local doctor.
Dr: hello emma, i beleve you have been ill?
emma: yeah...
Dr: since when? (turns to dan)
dan: two days ago
Dr: i see. do you mind if i take a blood sample?
emma: eep!
dan: do you mind if i talk to her for a second?
Dr: not at all. (goes over to the couch and starts to prepare the needle)
emma: dan, im not having this guy jab me with a needle and suck out my blood! no, no, no, no!
dan: oh come on em, its just a needle! this will help! it will not even matter once your better again!
emma: no! im not having it! it hurts!
dan: just dont tence your arm, ok?
emma: forget it! tell him to get lost! I DONT WANT A NEEDLE!
dan: em, pleeeeeeaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee take it! i want you to get better! and this is how!
emma: dan, i dont want to take the stupid needle! you know i dont like injections! infact i HATE them!
dan: well i hate lots of things too, but just cus i hate them it wont stop me from doing whats right! it wont even hurt that much, its only for a few seconds and the doctor knows what he's doing! please em, just get it over with yeah? for me?
emma: (stares at him for a second) you owe me BIG time.
dan: (smiles)
15 mins later the doctor was gone and dan was holding a cotton bud to emmas arm.
dan: see.
emma: what?
dan: its over now. not even a tear in sight, well done em
emma: yeah whatever. it still hurts. (sulky)
dan: (smiles) i thought you were ment to be the tough one...
emma: you know, when i was 5 i had to have a jab and we went into hospital and , well, i didnt want the vaccine so i wriggled. and it took 4 people to hold me down while i had the jab. you should of seen, it was hillarious! all the doctors looked really stressed out! and i got a lollypop when they finished, so, at the end of the day, i wasnt complaining!
dan: and there i was imagening a cute 5 year old version of you...could i of get any more wrong?
emma: nope!
dan: and i thought i knew you inside out.
emma: what is my favourite disney princess?
dan: little mermaid.
emma: good! hobby?
dan: fassion.
emma: wow! i didnt know you knew so much about me!
dan: i bet you dont even know my eye colour (shuts his eyes)
emma: oh thats easy, green! only joking they are blue!
dan: YAY! you just won 'who wants to be a millionaire?'!!!!
They spent the rest of the day quizzing eachother and went to sleep at 11:00

in the morning rupert called round.
rup: hey!
dan: rup! hey! what are you doing here? i thought you were in scotland?
rup: i was but i heard emma was sick.
emma: (from other room) who is it?
dan: rup!
emma: really? cool!
dan: come through, (to rup)
rup: is she ok now?
dan: yeah (they go into the room were emma is) shes getting better
emma: hey! i thought you were in---
rup: i came back, how are you feeling?
emma: im err, ok. you?
rup: fine,
dan: do you wanna drink?
rup: err, go on then...
dan: em?
emma: yes please...
dan: (goes and gets the drinks)
emma: so, how was skiing
rup: awful. it was so scary!
emma: oh, then why go?
rup: my family insisted...
emma: ahh... well i always thought skiing was good! and i LOVE ice-skating!
rup: nahh... cant do that either... fall over too much, its too cold aswell...
emma: what DO you like?
rup: errr... does X-box count as a sport?
emma: nope!
rup: oh... sooooo.... err, what have you been doing?
dan: (comes back with drinks) here you go... (passes emma and rup their drinks)
emma: thanks, well, i have been ill so, well, not much, but dan has stayed with me since, so im getting better, (smiles at dan.)
rup: staying here?
emma: yeah
rup: oh, err, cool!
dan: so, err, watcha wanna do?
emma: dunno... see if the other guys wanna come round for a bit?
dan: i'll ask them, hold on... (gets out his phone) who first?
emma: evanna please
dan: your wish is my command... (dials) hey, its daniel... yeah, ..... well, we were wondering if you wanted to come round?... yeah, shes getting better now... oh.. ok, its fine... yeah, ok bye! (hangs up)
emma: well?
dan: she says shes buisy, sorry em...
emma: its fine, err, try bonnie?
dan: ok, (dials)
After calling bonnie, tom, katie, and mat they had managed to persuade bonnie, katie and tom round.
emma: cool, so thats bonnie, katie and tom then.
dan: oh by the way em, i got the movie in the post this morning
emma: really? great! we can watch it later yeah?
dan: yeah!
rup? what movie?
emma: the women in black
rup: isnt that the err, horror your in?
dan: yeah
rup: but i thought emma didnt like horrors?
dan: yeah, but im gunna watch it with her and if she gets scared we can switch it off, its only a 12A anyway...
emma: really? i thought it was a 15?
dan: they cut out a scary bit i think...
emma: good...
Two hours later:
Doorbell rings and they open the door to find bonnie, katie and tom.
They came in.
emma: YAY you guys made it!
bonnie: yeah, are you ok?
emma: getting better yeah.
tom: what do you guys wanna do then?
katie: how about spin the bottle?
rup: do you have a bottle?
katie: yeah, (gets a bottle of coke out of her bag and puts it on the floor)
dan: somebody spin it!
bonnie: ok then, (spins it, it lands on ..... tom .... )
katie: you know what to do !
Tom and Bonnie lean in and kiss, bonnie tries to deepen the kiss but then tom pulls back quickly leaving bonnie dissapointed.
Katie spins the bottle hopefully and it lands on rupert to her dissapointment.
katie: oh, sorry rup, its just a game.
rup: yeah, it wont mean anything.
They lean in and kiss awkwardly and pull away as quickly as possible both blushing madly.
next to spin the bottle was dan. it slowed down and stopped on emma.
bonnie: he might cure her if he kisses hard enough! (they all laugh) but its like harry potter all over again... oh my god, i remember that... whole cinema was whisteling when you two kissed... anyway, errr, yeah.
Dan and emma lean in and kiss passionatly for a bit then break apart to find everyone looking at them with raised eyebrows.
rup: gross... im gunna go round to the chip shop. anyone want anything?
half an hour later he comes back with loads of portions of chips which they all tuck into in an awkward silence...
bonnie: well, we know not to play that game again if its gunna make things awkwad!
rup: yeah! i wonder who made up that game anyway...
tom: proberbly someone who thought it would be a good excuse for a snog... (looks at bonnie)
bonnie: well, i had better go, bye emma, ... bye guys ( goes to leave)
rup: hold on me too... (gets up)
tom and katie get up too.
katie: we can all share a taxi. bye emma, get better soon!
emma: thanks , bye!
(they all leave)
emma: so, errr, movie?
dan: yeah, i'll put it on... (goes and gets the movie and puts it in the DVD player while emma folds out the couch and puts a duvet over herself and gets comfey)
emma: ready?
dan: ... yep
emma: then get in !!! (pats on the folded-out couch next to her)
dan: (gets the remote and gets in with her, smiling to himself) ready?
emma: (nods) just put it on... (nervous)
dan: its just a movie remember em, (presses play)
The movie starts an emma is jumping all the way through and at one point screams and clings to dan
dan: just a movie em! look, its over now, (still smilling) look, credits,
emma: are you sure?
dan: yeah, its ok now...
emma: (looks up) ...
They look into eachothers eyes... They kiss

Later in the night, they fall asleep in eachothers arms.... ____________________________________________________________

The Next Day

Dan and emma wake up...

Emma: good morning... (sleepy)
Dan: morning
(they look at eachother in memory of last night....)
Dan: breakfast? i worked up an appitite last night...
Emma: yeah, me too, (thinking about last night: omg, did that even happen? what the hell? what were we thinking? omg, omg , we actually did it! but in a way, i feel kinda happy...)
Dan: (goes into the kitchen and starts to make breakfast.) so did you like the film, i mean, the bits you watched... ?
Emma: yeah, you were wonderfull! you and that little boy looked gourgous together, i bet you would make a great dad!
Dan: (stays silent for a moment) and you would be a great mum, with beautiful children and a big house and--
Emma: a husband?
Dan: yeah... (comes back with breakfast on a tray and puts it on her lap)...
Emma: thank you (smiles)
(The phone rings)
Emma: errr dan?
(dan staring at emma, standing next to the phone.)
Dan: oh right yeah... (picks up the phone) hello?.... oh hi doctor!!!... yes... really?... thats great news!.... thank you so much!... yes, she is... ok then... bye!!! (hangs up)
Emma: what did he say?
Dan: it was just a temporary condition, you should be fine now. he says he will just check up on you next week, to make sure.
Emma: great!!!
Over the next few days emma felt better and dan texted the others saying she was ok again. but then towards the end of the week she felt bad again...
The day of the check-up.
Dr: ok emma i just need to check your blood pressure... (straps the monitor to her arm) hmmm... looks a bit high... lets try your tempreture... (places his hand on her head) i see, also high...here can you please take this pill? it will let me see the activities in your belly. (she takes the dye pill. the doctor gets a scanner and scans over her belly.)
Dan: well?
Emma: whats wrong? am i ok? (worried)
Dr: miss Watson, i am afraid to tell you...
...you are pregnant.

________________________ :O :O :O :O

Emma and Dan: WHAT?!?!?!?
Dr: im sure of it.
Emma: oh my god! (in shock) but- oh my god!!!!
Dan: are you positive???
Dr: yes, i will make an appointment for her tomorrow. that is all i can do im afraid, goodbye. (leaves)
(Dan and Emma stay silent for about 10 mins in shock)
Emma: this cant be happening to me! oh my god! what the hell am i going to do?
Dan: im so sorry em, i did this to you.... (VERY shocked)
Emma: but we... we used protection!!!!
Dan: i know, i know...
Emma: im way too young! i cant be a mother! how could this of happened to us? (starts to cry)
Dan: its ok, dont cry... we will work this out... somehow... (hugs her)
Emma: this cant be happening! oh my god... what will we tell the others?
Dan: nothing... not yet... they will freak out...
Emma: (stops crying) im glad it was you...
Dan: glad what was me?
Emma: it was you who got me pregnant and not some person i hardly know...
Dan: yeah... me too...
Emma: so what now? where do we start? i dont know any thing about being a mother... it will need a cot, pram, bedroom, whole house even, and what about you?
Dan: what about me?
Emma: do you want to be involved? i mean, be the father?
Dan: yes, of course! i mean, if YOU want me to be, i cant leave you to raise him or her on your own...
Emma: your the best dan... (closes her eyes in his arms) I- i - i love you...
Dan: (shocked but happy) i love you too... (they kiss)
The Next Day:
Dan: morning beautiful...
Emma: dan??? (sleepy) was it a dream?
Dan: no, sorry, its real...
Emma: (looks down at her belly, it looks the same but she knows what is inside it)
Dan: (puts his hand on her tummy... emma puts her hand on dans...)
The doorbell rings.
Dan: i'll get it... (goes and awnsers the door)
(it was Evanna)
Dan: oh, errr hi ev.... what are you doing here?
Evanna: i came to visit emma of course! (goes through)
Emma: ev? err...hi! why are you here? your not ment to be---- i mean... what a nice surprise! heh heh...
Evanna: whats up with you two today?
(doorbell rings again)
Dan: ughhh..... (answers it) oh, hi doctor... come through...
Evanna: errr, (see's the doctor) i thought emma was better now dan?
Dan: she is... (worried, looks at emma)
Dr: hello emma, i think i should give you this firstly... (gives emma a leaflet)...
Evanna: (takes the leaflet) let me see (reads it: pregnancy) OMG EMMA!!!!
Dan: shhhhh, calm down!
Evanna: omg, your pregnant?!?! with who? OMG i cant belive this!
Emma: ev, please dont freak out! yeah, im pregnant with me and dans baby, please stop over-reacting!
Evanna: (goes into the kitchen mumbleing and comes back in a min later calmed down and gives the leaflet to dan who starts to read it.)
Dr: please lift your top up miss watson, (she does) this might be slightly cold (puts some jell on her belly and puts a scanner to it. he gets out a portable monitor from his bag. there was a faded figure of a small child curled up on it) there is your child, i think, that it is a ....
... im not sure though,
Emma: a girl? (a happy tear appears in her eye) thats beautiful!
Dan: just like you...
Dr: now, in a week you will need to come to the local hospital ~ Arrow Park. arrive at 11:00am and go to ward 7. goodbye. (leaves)
Evanna: omg, i cant belive this! you two are having a baby together! i HAVE to tell the others! (pulls out her phone)
Dan: NO! we dont want people to know! not yet anyway... before you can say 'BABIES!' the press will know...
Evanna: oh... ok, what are you going to call her?
Emma: (looks at dan who shrugs) errr, lucy? no,no, eerrr, amber, i like that! i dont ....errr, emily? no, errr, summer? errr, not quite, OMG i know: Zoe!!!! what do you think dan?
Dan: sounds good to me! but what if it turns out to be a boy?
emma: how about rob? or jordan? or ryan?...
Evanna: awwww , soo cute! you guys were always meant for eachother!
emma: ...or jake or luke or---
dan: --- i like jake.
emma: me too... (smiles happily)
evanna: me three! (big grin. dan and em stare at her,) i mean, not that it matters if i like it but yeah,
MORE COMING SOON by emma_amber_mione

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