Favourite Band Survey

Favourite Band Survey

Repost from Napalmkristi I couldn't NOT do. Too awesome!!!! Hope others repost because this is fabulous! (:

Chapter 1


1. Name of the band:
- SHINee (look in comments for the Hangul)

2. How long have you been a listener?:
- SInce late 2011

3. Tell how you discovered them in 5 words or less. (gonna have to be vague):
- YouTube!

4. What country are they from?:
- South Korea

5. What language do they sing in?:
- Korean, though most (if not all) songs have some English in them.

6. Do you know how they became famous?:
- All of them were discovered through various SM Casting Systems in 2005 and 2006.

7. What year did the band form?
- They made their debut in 2008 (the years between their Casting and debuting are spent on training, both physically and vocally).

8. Who makes up the band?
- Leader Onew. Onew is a nickname taken for his soft singing voice--his real name is Lee Jinki (Jinki Lee is how Westerners would write his name). His other nickname is 'Dubu Onew,' dubu meaning Tofu because of his soft and gentle appearance compared to the others. Second is Jonghyun, lead vocals, and shortest of the group. He has written a couple of SHINee's songs. Is also known as Bling-Bling Jonghyun. Key, real name Kim Kibum, is also known as Almighty Key since he raps, sings, and dances excellently. Minho is background vocals and writes and sings most of the rap in SHINee songs. Minho is known for being the quietest, the tallest, and the most handsome (earning him the nickname Flaming Charisma Minho). Last but not least is the Maknae, or youngest, Taemin. The best dancer of the group, his singing talent is being used more and more in the group's songs.

9. Ever been to one of their shows?
- Never, but plan to!

10. What was the first and last CD they put out?
- First: A Mini-Album, named Replay.
Last: on 19 March, another Mini-Album named Sherlock.

11. Do they have any DVDs released, if so do you own any of them?
- They have at least one DVD of concerts, but I don't know if there are others. I don't own any.

12. Is this band a mainstream band?
- In Korea? I think yes.

13. Ever seen one of their videos on mtv/vh1/Fuse?
- Though KPOP is gradually becoming more popular in the West, I think not. But I wouldn't know since I don't watch any of those channels....

14. How many CDs of theirs do you own?
- None--yet. ;)

15. Do you own any of their singles?
- Two, both of them Japanese versions of their Korean songs (it was all EMusic had. -.-)

16. Do you have any band t-shirts for them?
- No, unfortunately. When I have a job.......

17. Name 5 of their songs that you can think of off the top of your head (doesn't matter if you like it or not):
- Y.O.U.
- Ak (Shout Out)
- Obsession
- Hwasal (Quasimodo)
- Sherlock

18. What is your favorite song by them?
- Ugh.......Stranger, from the Sherlock Album, and Love Should Go On, definitely. But really, all of their songs are my favourite. XD

19. Favorite CD of theirs?
- All of them!! Maybe the repackaged first album, A.Mi.Go, since it has Forever or Never on it as well as A.Mi.Go? XD

20. How much would you be willing to pay to see them live?
- A lot. I would work my fingers to the bone for a year to pay for a concert. It's a dream of mine to see them live!!!

21. Who's your favorite member of the band?
- They're all perfect in my eyes, but Minho is my favourite of them.

22. What instruments do they play?
- I'm not sure. They're very musically inclined, but I don't think any of them play instruments for the band, though I believe at least one plays piano.

23. Do any of your friends listen to this band as well?
- No one I know personally. :( I've met plenty other Shawols though.

24. What clothing style do they wear?
- It's called "SHINee Style." It's legitimately a style their own. :DD

25. Post a photo?
- There's one at the title heading. Here's another:

26. Do your parents like this band?
- They've never heard any of their songs. Neither are really into music, or Pop music though.

27. can you name all the songs that are on one of their CDs?
- Yes, definitely.

28. What other bands do you like that sound like this one?
- I like a lot of KPOP artists (such as U-KISS, B2ST, and 2NE1), but none of them sound 'the same.' SHINee is unique, and that's what makes me love them so. (:

29. Is their CD in your CD player right now.?
- Don't own a CD of theirs. It's all on my MP3 Player, or on YouTube (where I am listening to one of their songs. XD Ready or Not).

30. Do you have their music on your ipod/zune/whatever?
- Yes, on my MP3 player. (:

31. Do you have anything autographed by them?
- :(

32. Least favorite song by them?
- Uh.......I don't think I have one! All their songs are vying for first place! XD Perhaps Hello. I heard that one too many times. DX

33. Last time you listened to them?
- Listening to them right this second. Before that? This morning. :D

34. Ever been in a mosh pit at one of their shows?
- I don't think their shows have mosh pits....

35. Were they more famous when you started listening to them, or are they more famous now?
- More famous now, I'd think.

36. What's a song of theirs you can listen to on repeat without getting bored?
- Mmm......Sherlock. But my ears would start hurting. XD

37. Are you listening to them now?
- I wonder how many times I've said this by now? Yes!

38. On a scale of 1-10 rate your knowledge of the band.
- 8 at best. I'm still a new Shawol, and I don't like learning everything there is to know about a band. With any celebrity, I don't go look up their favourite colours, their religions, what they think about everything....I like leaving those things to them, and just enjoying their work (music, movie, etc.). I do know a lot about this band, but that's thanks to Hello Baby and such.

39. Ever wrote about them for a school paper?
- Haha, no. I'm in college, and not taking an English course or anything similar right now. I'm pretty sure a paper on SHINee wouldn't be accepted, though. DX

40. What color are the main singer's eyes?
- I think they all have brown eyes, since they're all native Korean.

41. How many band members are there in the band?
- Quintet! Five guys.

42. Can you name them all and what they play?
- Did this already. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. They dance and sing. I'm not sure what instruments they play if any....

43. what genre is their music?
- K-Pop (Korean Pop)

44. If I went to a CD store would i be able to find their CD?
- No idea. I know they don't have them at Hastings, but I've never been in a CD store.

45. Where do you buy most of their band merch?
- EMusic. -.-

46. Did anyone get you into this band? who?
- No. A user on Quibblo introduced me to 2NE1. I listened to them on YouTUbe and there were a lot of links to SHINee videos on the side. It's my discovery. :DDD

47. Do you own any movies with their music featured in it?
- I don't know if they have music in movies.....But if they did, I'd want to see at least that scene!

48. If this band broke up, would you cry?
- I'd bawl my eyes out. :( I don't think that will happen any time soon, and I pray it doesn't!

49. Second fave band next to this one?
- U-KISS. SHINee and U-KISS is all I listen to these days. XD

50. How much has this band influenced you?
- A lot. Not as much as other people who have listened to their favourite bands all their lives, but I am learning another language because of SHINee. With the introduction to Korean culture, I've picked up so many of their mannerisms, it's crazy. I even bow to people, and I think an answer sooner in Korean than in English. My clothing styles have changed, my music tastes have changed (or at least, found the music I craved!), and because of SHINee, I finally have a career to work towards. I owe SHINee a lot. (: Shawol for life! Hwaiting!


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